Julie + Ryan Wedding Film Trailer

This will be the last wedding film trailer of 2010. This year has been so awesome, and we could not have asked for a better job than capturing all the weddings of our brides and grooms. Julie and Ryan's wedding was the 2nd to the last wedding of the year (the detail of last wedding of the year coming soon...), and Debbie from 9.4 wedding was there as a brides maid, and it was so good to see her. Everyone was so welcoming us and happy for Julie and Ryan. It was snowing so beautifully, and couldn't resist capturing those white flakes wherever we go. During the ceremony, they read, as a married couple for the first time, the prayer that they prepared together. Reception was at Danada House which we also captured beautiful wedding last year. It was kind of days where I feel truly blessed to be able to capture the wedding day of this wonderful couple. It was also great to see Debbie + Tim, and Debbie's parents!
We were blessed to work with very talented Tony and Michelle from Life On Prints Photography. They were truly kind and awesome to us throughout the day.
DJ was Chris from Spin Productions helping us with audio feed and smooth + fun evening!
The biggest thanks to Julie+Ryan and their families+friends for having us at such a special day!
Happy holidays to all!



Megan + Jon Wedding Film Trailer

November 20th, Orange Wedding Film crew received one of the warmest welcome from our couple's house. Megan's parents were clipping stems off the bouquet of their daughter, and Jon's mother was putting boutonniere on Jon's jacket. Everything was going so smoothly throughout the day + evening!
Couple's friends and family were truly nice and kind, their warm welcome made us forget about chilly weather outside.
The reception was held at Hilton-Indian Lake Resort, and they had a little rock with guests' table number instead of ordinary table number cards. All the details on decoration was very unique and cool. The open dance floor was full through the whole night with people dancing, singing, and laughing!
It was also awesome working with Wen Wan from Wen Photos and looking forward to see great photos from her.
You can check out their slide show by Wen here.
Biggest thanks to Megan and Jon for such an amazing wedding. You guys are the best!
Enjoy the trailer!

Tina + Luc Wedding Film Trailer

It was raining on November 13th, Saturday. It was raining a lot with thunderstorm. But it didn't take away smile and laughter from Tina and Luc. No way. Nothing was gonna stop them from tying the knot! Tina was full of energy until the end of night, and Luc seems he was enjoying every moments of the day.
With a slight of delay during the ceremony, everything worked out great, and all the detail, we could sense how much planning and hours were put into making this wedding happen. One of the highlights among beautiful details were hand made origamis table cards that were hung from the tree. All the names were written by Tina and origamis were made by her as well. (which gave me an inspiration of music choice for the trailer).
It was awesome working with Leo + Jimmy from Fragola Productions and some exciting new maybe coming next month or two (shhh...).
The flower arrangement and centerpiece was created by Bill's Grove Florist.
The fabulous makeup was done by Cecila Oh!
Congratulations to you, Tina + Luc, and thank you so much for great wedding!

Lori + Ross Wedding Film Trailer

Guns n' Roses "Sweet Child o' Mine". A perfect song for.... FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE!
Lori and Ross rocked their wedding. I don't know how else to put it. Lori surprised Ross with a brand new Gibson Acoustic guitar in the morning which had their wedding date engraved. I thought that was one of the coolest gift that I've seen (as me being a guitar lover, too!) Lori was so relaxed and simply having fun all morning with her girls. It was a little bit windy outside for photo shoot, and we had a great session with downtown on the background. The ceremony and reception was held in Architectural Artifacts. The location was extremely well lit throughout the entire day and night which was simply awesome. Everyone at the wedding was having so much fun, and we were so happy to be a part of it. Hair and make was done by Sonia Roselli crew. The photo was done by Peter from Peter Pawinski Photography (whom we worked with at Debbie + Tim's wedding!).
The event was coordinate by Lori from LOLA Event Produoctions and they were simply great to work with. Also the flower was created by Event Creative which was stunning!
Enjoy the trailer, Lori+Ross! Can't wait to show you the rest!

Jennifer + Mike Wedding Film Trailer

On October 23rd, it was raining early in the morning. I could spot Jennifer's father looking out the window occasionally to see if dark cloud cleared out. Jennifer didn't seem to be stressed out too much, or maybe she knew it was going to clear out by the time she walks out to get married! It was great to see Heather and Ken (7.9.2010) in a brial party! Everyone was so friendly and extremely funny :-)
We saw "the best" groom dance walking up to the bride for garter (sneak peak at the trailer!)
Thank you both for such a great wedding!
Enjoy the trailer!

While rendering some massive footage last night, I decided to make the newer setup of my cameras for wedding film.
Visit the Vimeo link to see more info about specific items.


Shahzeen + Prem Wedding Film Trailer

How Shahzeen and Prem met is truly amazing (check out their OrangE-Session!), and their wedding reception was beautiful as well.
They had the ceremony on September 11, and the reception was October 9th at Chicago Cultural Center which was absolutely gorgeous location for a celebration.
Photo was done by Lisel from Lisel Diesel Photo and she was simply awesome to work with (she was as dorky as I was, LOL!).
She also took engagement photos of the couple which were used in OrangE-Session as well.
Congratulations to Shahzeen + Prem.
Here is the trailer!

Wedding Film Trailer


"Lights!" "Camera!" "Action!"

"We don't call your wedding video a "VIDEO". Instead, notice how many people are calling it a "film" or "movie". Why? Simple. So called "wedding videos" have transformed into "wedding films" or "wedding movies" because event filmmakers (cinematographers) have raised the bar and really poured their heart and soul into each wedding that they capture. The new contemporary Filmmaker has reinvested in equipment and themselves to increase the production value of the films they create.
Some of our industry leaders have proven to us what's possible with the extra push on creativity, effort, and passion toward what we do.
Do you hear the word "video" in Hollywood? Not really. You hear "film", "movie", "DP (director of photography)", "cinema", and "cinematographers". Many elements make a wedding film cinematic, including but not limited to, music, camera movement, composition and lighting. Event filmmakers, have come a long way to call our work a "film" or "movie" because of the incorporation of tools and techniques.
Our brides and grooms (and their family and friends) appreciate our work more than ever. They appreciate the level of production value and the fact that it is an investment that appreciates over time. But it's important to understand what it takes to create a great "wedding film".
"Lights, Camera, Action!"
We have a "Camera" that we use to capture "Action" throughout the day and there is almost always one location that lacks "LIGHTS". You guessed it: the "RECEPTION".
The vision of a reception hall in many people's minds is romantic candle light, no ambient light, no spot light, just simple, romantic, dimmed all the way down, dark reception hall. Photographers use flash and even then they often tell me that if it's too dark, it makes it very difficult to focus.
Have you ever seen a movie set with no lighting? Probably not.
Venue managers and owners need to step up and help out the photographers and videographers on hand. We are not asking for full blown out hall, either.
When the dance floor opens to all the guests, they can dim the lights down all they want, but for introduction, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and the parent dance, we need to able to see something.
It's very important that brides and grooms discuss lighting with the venue manager during their consultation. I don't want to bother you before the grand introduction into the reception, and ask "can you tell your venue manager to turn up the lighting? They are not listening to anyone but you."
We will have to start bringing our own lighting system from this point on to avoid any conflict with venue managers and we much prefer the hall lighting was a little brighter than what we've seen in the past.
Let's make your wedding film a movie. Not just another old wedding video! Don't forget "Lights, camera, action!".
Love you all.


Jeremy + Carmela Wedding Film Trailer

During our consultation, I asked Carmela what her favorite band was. She answered "Dave Matthews Band." I pretty much knew right away that I have to shoot her wedding. I asked what else she liked to listen. Then she answered "the Frey". I instantly felt she was meant to be good friend of mine, and that was exactly how she treated me during her wedding day. I am always grateful for the way our brides + grooms treat us, but Carmela took care of us more than of herself that day. Jeremy was from New York, so I didn't have a chance to meet him prior to the wedding, but he treated us the same way Carmela did. Of course, the sun set was absolutely beautiful during a short photo session (due to chilly weather! burrrrrr!) Reception was small, but filled with dance and laughter.
Thank you guys so much for being simply awesome.
Nathaniel from West Photography was awesome to work with as well. Always great work with photographers who understands our needs and workflow throughout the day (and hopefully we did the same thing for them!)

Constance + George Wedding Film Trailer + Highlights

On September 24 + 25, we captured Constance and George's wedding ceremonies + reception. I've never met the couple before, and I was very anxious to see them in person for the first time. Based on organized schedule and a couple of phone calls, I knew they would have awesome personality! Sure enough, their 1st day of cultural ceremony was filled with unique rituals and colors and food throughout the evening, and 2nd day of Christian ceremony and reception took place at Stan Mansion with Orange lights shining the stage.
Photo was done by Maggie and Emily from Gerber+Scarpelli Wedding Photography, and it's always fun + easy to work with such talented photographers from their studio.
Best of luck to you, Constance and George!
Here is their wedding film trailer!

Dana + Mike Wedding Film Trailer

To best describe the wedding of Dana and Mike would have to be the word….love. The love in their eyes, the love spelled out in different languages to the love candy dish in the end.
The ceremony took place in Villa Park at St. Alexander Church. A white Bentley was waiting for the bride and groom after the ceremony. That lovely ride took them to Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton. Too kick off the dinner, a Mariachi band played for the bride and groom. This music brought the bride and her Father to tears!! Great speeches and dancing capped off the night dedicated to love!
The photographer was Lin, Photography by Lin, and she was excellent to work with! Best of wishes for the happy couple in love, Dana and Mike! Thank you guys so much!

Melissa + Dan Wedding Film Trailer

On September 18th, many meaningful events happened. First, this was our last day with double booked wedding (yes, I get to be with you all brides+grooms from this point on), and guess when Melissa and Dan decided to have us for their wedding: last year MARCH. Yep, 18 month ago. They were one of the very first couples that booked us. It means a lot to me personally to see them again 18 month later, and we've come a loooong way.
You can check out their "Save the Date" video that we made, um, one year ago!
Me and Eli drove up to Milwaukee, WI for their prep at the church. They had many brides' maid and groomsman filled of fun personality!
There were so many cute details that I couldn't even put on the trailer, so I can't wait till edit the full film!
The photographer was Heather from Heather Cook Elliott Photography and she was so much fun to work with!
Check out their wedding film trailer, and Save The Date video, too!
Best of luck to you both, Melissa+Dan, and thank you so much for everything. I miss you guys already!


Kim + Kevin Wedding Film Trailer

Kim and Kevin was ready in the morning at their house getting ready for very busy day, starting with tea ceremony, then photo session in downtown, ceremony, then reception.
Everything was running smoothly, and all the vendors were awesome to work with. The photographer was from MI, and her name was Kara Purtell. We had fun shooting this awesome couple around the downtown.
Reception was full of fun with speeches and live band. We also played "Thank You Video" (check it out, embedded below the trailer), and saw many teary eyes among the guests. When I was working on it, I myself almost teared up while working on it because I could see their appreciation through their words.
Best of luck to Kim and Kevin, and of course, their adorable son, Ethan. I was glad to see Ethan came out later to put his groove on the dance floor :-)

Thank You Video

Carmen + Alan Wedding Film Trailer

Early start on September 11th with Mrs. Orange as our cinematographer, we drove to Alan's house, dropped her off, and headed to Carmen's house. It was 7AM. Thank God for no wedding on Friday, I would've been really tired. We started the groom's game at Carmen's house around 9AM: starting with Wasabi roll and Seaweed passing! So much more, you just have to wait till you see the full film.
Their reception was at Navy Pier Crystal Garden with perfect sunset and skyline on the background.
Photo was done by Milli from Millicent Wong Phogoraphy and she was very pleasant to work with.
Check out their wedding film trailer!

News update on full film post production process

We are currently working on 5.29 and 5.30 wedding full film along with 9.11 and 9.12 trailer. with this rate, June weddings preview should be ready in October and July weddings November while trailers of September + October weddings will still take about 2-3 weeks. As wedding season is slowing down a bit, we will speed up the process to meet your expectation. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Debbie + Tim Wedding Film Trailer

September 5th. The word of the day was "smile".
I've never seen a bride smiling and enjoying her day this much, which put smiles on my face all day and night. It was 3rd wedding of that week, but as soon as I saw her and her family greeting me, I felt like it was the 1st wedding of the season!
Tim was down to earth awesome to work with.
Their church was round shape which was very interesting and cool!
The photographer was Peter from http://weddings.peterpawinski.com/ and was great to work with.
Even though it was raining a little bit in the beginning of the photo session, no one was frowning or complaining. We went ahead and took some awesome (and some hilarious) photos until the very end.
Everything went so smoothly and we had tons of fun.
Big thanks to Debbie and Tim!
Enjoy the trailer!

new Canon EOS 60D quick review

I ordered a new Canon 60D from pictureline.com in Utah.
I haven't shot any with the camera yet, I am planning on using a lot for 2 weddings this weekend.
I will be surprised if you can tell the difference between 7D footage and 60D footage.
Swivel LCD is definitely the best feature of this camera.
The price is between 7D and T2i, but what this camera has to offer is a lot closer to 7D: having K-Temp WB, Battery info, and same battery as 7D and 5D. I am sure I will find out more about the camera, but as for the 1st impression, I would give 9 out of 10 for now.

*NOTE: new video added

Megan + Michael Wedding Film Trailer

On August 28th, Megan and Michael tied the knot at Rose Garden in Buckingham Fountain, and head out to Willis Tower for reception!
Weather was beautiful with plenty of sunlight for the outdoor ceremony, and the reception was full of cute little details and awesome food.
I could see so many people having tons of fun at the photo booth, and myself and Mrs.Orange took a few snaps as well!
Congratulations to Megan and Michael + here is the trailer of this awesome couple. Enjoy!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Melanie + Andy Wedding Film Trailer

My crew members were simply amazed by the performances and energy during the reception.
Yes, I have to start with that sentence right there.
Watch the trailer and you will see what I mean.
I've never seen anything quite this spectacular in any wedding! Amazing performance by friends+family, but by the bride and groom? It was simply amazing exprience going through the footage, I can not wait to put together the full film and the highlight film for this amazing wedding.
I knew Melanie and Andy's wedding will be filled with fun from when I met them. We were all heart broken that I won't be able to be there for their wedding, but our crew did great job (once again!) capturing one of the most memorable weddings that we've captured so far.
Photos were done by Lakeshore Lifestyle Photo
Congratulations, you two! Thank you so much for great wedding!

Gear stolen at church before the ceremony.. Be careful, everyone!

So, it's 9:30 AM on Monday, and I am sick again. Thank God I was at least feeling better during the weekends to allow me to capture some awesome couples' wedding. Past week was pretty tough on us in various reasons. I knew this week will get only tougher, so I was preparing mentally. Then this incident took place...
Yesterday, while I was traveling with the couple in the limo for the photo shoot around the city, I sent my 2nd shooter straight to the church (which is normal routine for us, whether it's church or reception). When he got there, there was a service taking place because he was there too early. So he took some exterior shots of the church, and went inside, put the gear bag on the back corner where he wouldn't disrupt the service. Since there was still doing a service, he decided to step out and go to parking lot (which was literally outside of the door), and bring back his water bottle, and then talked to his GF on the phone for about 3 minutes. He saw people walking out, so he decided to head back in to grab some detail shots and interior shots. When he got to the bag, the bag was opened, and some of our gear was missing. Here is the list: Canon T2i with battery grip with Canon brand batteries, Sandisk 32GB SD card (with some footage from bridal prep), Sigma 24-70 f2.8, and Sigma 70-200 f2.8... He didn't take another 7D with Tokina 11-16 probably because he couldn't figure out how to release it from our tripod. I was 3 minutes away from the church on the way back from the photoshoot in the limo. When he called me saying that he is not joking or anything (he loves to joke around with me. ALOT), my heart dropped... wishing it wasn't true...
We are fully insured, but that wasn't the problem. How about the some footage there? How are we going to shoot the ceremony in this huge church (yeh, it had a loooooong aisle)? How are we going to shoot the reception??? My heart ached. My sickness seemed hitting me again with nausea and headache.
After we informed the couple, the photographer kindly lend us one of their lenses 35mm (which was still better than my 28mm) for up front angle. With limited focal length, we did our very best to capture the ceremony and reception.
Long story short, we survived the night with 2 cameras and 3 lenses.
I tweeted and updated the statues on Facebook. I am so grateful for all the friends who offered me to let me know borrow the lenses or cameras for the night, even one of my Facebook friends that I have never met offered me 2 batteries for T2i for free. Even my role model/hero/inspiration left a note, too. Thank you all again for great support. You all made me keep motivated and encouraged throughout the night.
Wedding was awesome, and everything went great.
So! What did we learn today?
First, do not leave your gear unattended too long if at all. Even at the church! I don't blame my crew because I have done the same thing sooo many times, I know you guys probably have, too.
Second, if there is some other service or ceremony taking places, put your gear away from it. I doubt if there were some guests from our wedding, it would much less likely stealing could have taken place (as they know that could jeopardize the wedding that they are attending).
Third, insurance, insurance, insurance. With WEVA discount, I am not paying too much per year for decent coverage. If I wasn't insured, it was close to $3000 loss right there...if not more with shipping and taxes. I have an E-Session this afternoon, and 2 double booked weddings this weekend. There is no way that I can cover those lost equipment in 4 days.

I still have 12 more weddings to go, and tons more years to come. I will take this lesson and be a lot more careful with our gear. This could have been a lot worse, trust me. I never thought this sort of things would happen to "ME"!!! You all are thinking the same thing, right? No. It could happen to anybody, including you!!!
So be careful out there. Stay alert at all time.

Yours truly,


Kaylie + Tony Wedding Film Trailer

Another successful weddings on August 21st (we had 2 weddings that day), and let's start with Kaylie and Tony's wedding!
Kaylie's apartment was full of energy and beautiful bridesmaid getting ready, God bless natural lighting filling her space. Tony was relaxing with his boys back at the Westin hotel until they traveled to the city to meet his future wife!
Reception was held back at Westin, and it was blast from the start to end!
It was awesome working with Albert and Mike from SecondPrint Productions again. Check out their website/blog for awesome photos.
Everything went smoothly throughout the day with help of Jacqui and Noelle! Thanks, you guys!
Congratulations to Kaylie and Tony!
Here is their wedding film trailer!

Cecilia + SeungJae Wedding Film Trailer

On August 20th, Friday, at the same place as President Obama tied the know with the First Lady, Cecilia and SeungJae celebrated their wedding day!
We've met Cecilia at Jason and Michelle's wedding back in November, and she wanted to book us for her wedding day!
They played the Love Story Film that we created together, and it was a huge hit!
Everyone was having so much fun, and hope Cecilia and SeungJae did, too.
Congratulations to you two, and thank you so much for such a wonderful day!
Here is their wedding film trailer! Enjoy!

delay on trailers

We apologize for slight delay on our wedding film trailers. Trailers will be posted by the order of the wedding dates, and we are doing our very best working on every single one of them with no time off. Full film will still be ready in 12-14 weeks as we always promised, though. So please be patient and forgive us for any inconvenience we may cause.

Yours truly,


Very 1st Same Day Edit from Orange Wedding Films

This is our very first Same Day Edit ever...
It was very challenging and difficult work, and I don't know how some of you guys do it so often...
Great props to my crew members, Nicole and Charlie!
No color correction, this is pretty much how it was played during the reception.
You may see on the "reaction" video, but I tricked the couple and guests by "broken" segment of last part of slideshow in the beginning of the video to make it even more "surprised" and "unexpected".
Now we offer Same Day Edit as a la carte and part of the package. Please contact us at info@orangevp.com for more info.

(please be gentle on critique as I am a very rookie on SDE world...)

When we pulled the surprise Same Day Edit on Amy+Phil and their guests, their reaction was beyond my expectation!
I really respect even more than ever all of event filmmakers who do Same Day Edit so often.
It is truly challenging task, but totally worth it.
Looking forward to give this priceless experience to more couples and guests next season!

Leju + Jenny Wedding Film Trailer

Full of surprises... that's what Leju and Jenny's reception was like. From start to the end. One after another, we were blown away by this fun and talented couple!
I wish we could make a extended version, but then what's left for full film, right?
It was pure fun capturing Leju and Jenny getting married on August 15th!
Congratulations, you guys!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Winnie + Richard Wedding Film Trailer

Hello, everyone? It's been way too long for new trailers! We are still going strong with shooting weddings every weekend, and we will have our triple back to back weddings this weekend with special feature on 2 of them. More news coming! So stay tuned!
On August 14th, we were very fortunate to capture the wedding of Winnie and Richard at Intercontinental Hotel in Rosemont.
They were all about having fun on their wedding day and everyone was laid back and relaxed until end of the night.
The photo was done by Liz and Emily from Orange2 Photo (not related to us in any way, but always awesome to work with them!).
A huge thanks to the couple, and wishing them the best of luck!
(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Mirta + Parkson Wedding Film Trailer

Such great start of August with Mirta and Parkson's wedding!!!
We have been blessed with all of our brides and grooms being super nice to our crew, and Mirta and Parkson easily could have been one of tops.
Their ceremony was beautiful and emotional, and we are just so happy to be a part of their wedding day.
Photo was done by Dan Chan and Doug from Chennergy
Be sure to check out their website because he takes some amazing photos, people.
Make up and hair was done by Diem Angie Nguyen
Thanks again so much for such a great wedding, Mirta + Parkson. Best wishes!
(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Announcement for 2011 weddings

New announcement: Orange Wedding Films will shoot limited numbers of weddings next year. We will be shooting only 30 weddings and 4 weddings per month. We will be also offering new packages starting in September.
Please email us at info@orangevp.com for any questions or concerns.
Thank you very much!

Maurine + Linus Wedding Film Trailer

Hello, all? It's been a while since our last wedding film trailer... with shooting wedding during the weekends and getting the Wedding Film DVDs out of studio (and working with HDSLR community), I have been a little behind of everything last a couple of weeks! I finally got a chance to work on Maurine and Linus' trailer, and it came out so cool! Everything was so unique and cool from the start; with awesome looking shoes, a bouquet which I've never seen anything like that in my entire life! Everything turned out great that day with awesome weather, awesome couple and wedding vendors.
Priti from Samaya Events has been a great help from the start of the planning with Maurine, and finished very well at the end of the night. Photo was done by Dawn and Kelly from Dawn Roscoe Photo and they all were awesome to work with. We had an opportunity to go up to glass wall on top of Willis Tower.. The couple were excited, but I was afraid to look down... or I was focusing on nothing by the filming the amazing view :-P
Here is their wedding film trailer~ Enjoy!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Allie + Pratik Wedding Film Trailer

On July 24th, Allie and Pratik came from Madison, WI to tied the knot in Chicago. We had two traditional ceremony throughout the day; early morning Indian ceremony and late afternoon Jewish ceremony. We visited back Meadows Club since past weekend wedding.
We captured tons of unique images which will surely make awesome wedding film in a couple of months!
Photos were done by Yang Wen from Epic Images Studios.
Congratulations to you two!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Dn. Zachariah + Shirley Wedding Film Trailer

On July 18th, it was yet another new experience for Orange Wedding Films crew with a beautiful Orthodox wedding. I have met with Dn. Zachariah a couple of times before the wedding for slide show production and schedule, and I knew things would go very smoothly throughout the wedding day. Sure enough, everything was on time, weather was beautiful, and there were wonderful events throughout the day. We have created a slideshow for the couple (with a surprise segment for Shirley), and we had a good laugh from the guests and the couple. There were several impressive performances during the reception, too! Beautiful photos were done by Misha Media Photography, and they were so much fun to work with. Make sure to check out their blog for the couple's photos (that were posted today!) Congratulations to Dn. Zachariah and Shirley! Enjoy the trailer.

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Samar + Haider Wedding Film Trailer

During the consultation few months back, Samar explained and described what her wedding was going to look like. On July 17th, when I stepped into her prep location, her awesome dress was exactly how she told me, and all the details at reception location was beyond my belief how awesome they looked (just as how she described).
You will have to wait to see the full film and highlights to view all the amazing things Samar and Haider had on their wedding; from French Modern decoration, Cigar roller, and crazy performers from overseas!
Photo was done by Mark Fillies (who passed away shortly after the wedding... my prayers to his friends and family...) and the awesome decor was done by Yanni Design Studio.
In the meantime, enjoy their wedding film trailer here! A huge thanks to Samar and Haider for incredible experience! Congratulations!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Bridget + Alan Wedding Film Trailer

Fun, fun, fun! That's all I can say about Bridget and Alan. There are so much write about their wedding day! Starting with hot red shoes+garter of Bridget (not to mention her beautiful dress!), ring box that Alan proposed her (very first shot), running a marathon to the goal line with their running shoes on! Reception full of dancing, tears and pure fun... I simply can't wait to put these all fun things together and produce the full film and highlights (with, of course, their favorite song "I Gotta Feeling" by B.E.P!!). I tried my best to give you a little teaser of their wedding day! Enjoy!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

QUICK Wide Lens Comp Photo

So, I received Tokina 11-16 f2.8 for the weekend from www.lensrentals.com. By the way, their service is great! Def. recommend.
Since I have only 7D+T2i (with crop sensor), not 5DmkII (with beautiful full sensor), I have to carefully choose the wide angle lesnes. I have owned Canon 24-70 f2.8 L, but never quite felt it was wide enough. So I bought really cheap EF-S lens (18-55 f3.5-5.6) lens just to see the difference. Quality-wise, it's a junk for video. For the photo, maybe it's OK, but for the video recording, I really dislike the quality, but again, it's cheap, what do you expect? Anyway, so I took quick snap shot of my editing room (that I spent about 20 hours per day), and compared side to side. Hope this helps.

Tiffany + Colin Wedding Film Trailer

I am finally catching up on trailers now. On July 10th, Tiffany and Colin tied the knot at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago! The weather was again totally beautiful for the blessed couple. Colin sent a couple of surprise gifts to Tiffany that teared up! Their reception was held at Cafe La Cave in Des Plaines. Peter from Peter Coombs Photography was the photographer that day.
Here is their trailer! Enjoy!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Heather + Ken Wedding Film Trailer

I apologize for the delays on wedding film trailer, everyone.
I know our turn around is usually a week to 10days, but with all the wedding that we shot last 2-3 months, things are extremely busy in Orange Studio.
On July 9th, we were invited to film Heather and Ken's wedding at Eaglewood Resort in Itasca for their beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception at the ballroom.
Our "first meet" at the lobby was as emotional and joyful as vows and ring exchange during the ceremony. The weather was absolutely gorgeous during the ceremony as well.
The photo was done by talented Wes Craft from Modern Images Studio (nice to work with you again!).
Congratulations to Heather and Ken!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Sarah + Ali Wedding Film Trailer

On July 2nd, Sarah and Ali had a traditional ceremony to tie the knot, and on July 3rd, they invited all their friends and families for such a wonderful occasion!
They were introduced by full band of traditional flute, singer and drummers, and as soon as they got to the dance floor, everyone was dancing along with the couple.
There were so much cool performance throughout the night and can't wait to start editing and put together the full film!!!
The planning was done by Kathy from KJS Weddings and the photo was done by Dan and Jenn from Daniel Gin Photography And Sarah's hair was done by Livia from Livia Caporale Hair Stylist and her makeup was done by Samee Cosmetics
Don't forget to check out their save the date video here!
(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Kate + Brett Wedding Film Trailer

On June 25th, we were part of such a great wedding of Kate and Brett.
I had a chance to ride a limo with the bridal party, and boy, it was crazy fun...
Their celebration was nonstop from church to the Stonegate for the reception, and they gave us the warmest thank you we have ever received at the end of the event.
The photo was done by Wes and his assistant from Modern Image and they were really great work with (and we shot together again last weekend, and took one of the best photos ever of our crew members.)
Thank you, Kate and Brett, for such an awesome day, and wish you both the best!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Trina + Jay Wedding Film Trailer

Trina and Jay tied the knot on Father's day, June 20th, Sunday!
Our cinematographers were invited to Morton Arboretum to capture this wonderful wedding filled with characters and laughters.
There were 5 couples that we have either shot or will shoot their weddings!!!
I am sure we will get together again at Amy and Phil's wedding in September, right??
I cannot wait to start editing the full film because it looked like really really fun wedding to be a part of!
The photo was done by very talented Gerber + Scarpelli
Congratulations, you guys!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Joyce + Jun Wedding Film Trailer

"Nice".... that's the word of the day on June 20th wedding of Joyce and Jun.
Everyone was so welcoming and nice to us. No drama, no rushing... just simply "nice".
It made us feel so at ease which helped tremendously to capture such a wonderful wedding from the beginning to the end. I found out a lot about Jun that day... He likes classic rock & roll (Guns&Roses, in particular), and we actually share our "the" favorite Korean artist, Seo Tae-Ji. Joyce was so beautiful that day, and Sonia Roselli did an awesome job on Joyce's makeup. Photo was done by Wayne from Wayne Yuan Photographer. Joyce's mom made such a great impression on me as a parent (thought she was Joyce's sister! So did my wife while watching the footage!) raising three wonderful daughters. There was a grand exit with sparklers at the end of the reception which is always fun to capture! Thank you so much for such a great day, Joyce+Jun!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Nhikkie + Dee Wedding Film Trailer

What a early start on the day of June 19th! Nhikkie and Dee had a long but very special day ahead of them when I saw them at 8:30AM. They had 2 tea ceremony at each parents' house, then off to downtown for photo shoot+intimate ceremony, then off to Furama uptown.
I knew it was going to a fun wedding based on what I expreienced from their save the date session (http://vimeo.com/7544233).
We saw so many people there that we know (Crystal+Vu / Kaylie+Tony), maybe some future bride+groom, LOL!
Photo was done by one of my "the" favorite photographers in Chicago area, Albert+Jimmy from Second Print Productions. Make sure to check out the website!
Here is the film trailer of Nhikkie and Dee! Enjoy!

Kathleen + Mark Wedding Film Trailer

We have been very fortunate to capture Kathleen and Mark's wedding on June 18th, Friday. We had great start of the day, and awesome ending of the night. Yes, there was some rain, thunderstorm and lighting during and after the ceremony, but by the time we came back to reception location, sky cleared out and gave us golden hour with perfect lighting for photo and filming.
Make up was done by Sonia Roselli and photo was done by Danielle from Danielle Aquiline Photography.
So, enjoy the trailer! And best of luck to you both, Kathleen + Mark Thame!

To watch in HD (and mobile version), please click here

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Crystal + Vu Wedding Film Trailer

You can only dream about marrying your first crush in elementary school, right? Nope. Not the case for Crystal and Vu. They share some fun/unique love story, and after long years in love, they finally tied the knot in June 12th. When I was listening to the story told by the reverend, I could not stop smiling at how cute the story was. We took the trolley after the ceremony to take some photos at the elementary school that they went together, and it was very fun!
Reception was full of fun dances, and shots, shots, shots, shots.. and more shots...
(I took some as well.... check out their "Trolley Ride" Trailer)
Congratulations, you guys, and thank you very much for great time!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Official Trailer

Trolley Ride Trailer

Megan + Jeremy Wedding Film Trailer

On June 5th, Megan and Jeremy got married, and Orange Wedding Films was there to capture all the detail, emotion and joy throughout the day!
Preparation of Megan and reception took place at William Tell in Countryside, and had ceremony at St Christopher Church in Midlothian.
The topper of the cake was very unique (watch the trailer to find out!), and it was so much fun throughout the night during the reception with tons of dancing and laughters!
Beautiful flowers and details were done by Kio Kreations and photos were done by Kara from Kara Schultz Photography
Congratulations to Megan and Jeremy! And Thank you two so much for such a great wedding for us to be part of.

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Natalie + Allon Wedding Fillm Trailer

May 30th. Two awesome people tied the knot. Natalie was absolutely gorgeous with simple yet elegant dress. Allon looked sharp with his suit with hint of purple color.
The ceremony and reception was taken placed at Chicago Contemporary Art Museum which was filled with cool art pieces.
The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony, which was warm yet cool with a little breeze.
The photo was done by Dean from Thorsen Photography. He took some cool photos of our crew, too. His work is awesome, so make sure to check out his blog!
I wish I have known the florist as well, because their flower and detail was great, too.
The couple should have been back from their 2 weeks honeymoon by now, so here it is!
Enjoy, and best of luck to Natalie and Allon!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Nicole + Derek Wedding Film Trailer

We were meant to capture the wedding of Nicole and Derek on May 29th.
They came around full circle (a long, but funny story) to finally decide to have us to film their wedding, LOL! We had Eileen and Scott (Jan 2, 2010) and Nikki and Matt (May 21, 2011) at the wedding and both ladies were bride's maid! It's always awesome to see our past brides and/or future brides at the wedding that we are shooting!
Everything was going flawlessly throughout the day, and Nicole and Derek took a good care of our crew. It was also nice to work with Chad and Michelle from Husar Photography again. They are very professional and fun to work with!
We captured some extremely funny/cute moment during dancing, but you would have to wait for the full film!
Thank you, Nicole and Derek, so much for everything, and best of luck to you guys!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

Kristen + Josh Wedding Film Trailer

On May 15th, Orange Wedding Films captured Kristen and Josh getting married! Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous with her dress and hair. They got ready at W Hotel in downtown which they also had their reception. The ceremony was held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Wilmette.
Photographer was Chad from Husar Photography, and by the way, we shot with him again past weekend on May 29th! Chad and Michelle was great to work with, and we will talk about them again soon!

Featured on Chicago's own filmmaker Caleb Pike's Production Journal

Caleb is "a digital jack of all trades" and very talented young man in many different production fields. This week, he created an audio recording called "production journal" and I was mentioned on his journal, and I felt very honored.
He is also a DSLR shooter and running an awesome website here, and if you are intersted in starting DSLR video shooting,his website will be very helpful.
The audio clip could be found in follow link at http://calebpike.com/
Dave Dugdale from http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/ also was mentioned. He did podcast with me earlier last month, and he is a good resource for DSLR shooting as well.
Our twitter friend from Germany, Michael Schmidt from A 550D User’s Blog was mentioned as well.
Huge thanks to Caleb for mentioning, and look forward to meet him in the near future.

Sarah + James Wedding Film Trailer

On May 22nd, we drove about an hour or so out to Plainfield to capture the wedding day of Sarah and James. The weather was beautiful and perfect for outdoor ceremony. The ceremony was held at Settler's Park. During the ceremony, there was a short story read about Sarah's late mother, and as soon as the story was done, dandelion started flying everywhere... it was truly emotional moment for all of us who were there.
Both Sarah and James was super relaxed and laid back, and we ended up having so much fun till very end of the night. The band they had played some bad a** tunes throughout the night.
Photo was done by Scott from Perception Photography
Congratulations, Sarah and James. Thank you very much for wonderful day!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Gayle + Edward Wedding Film Trailer

On May 16th, Orange Wedding Films captured Gayle and Edward getting married at the Westin Hotel in Lombard. Exactly 360 days ago, I shot my 3rd wedding here, and gave me time to think about how far Orange Wedding Films has come. They had their "first look" before the ceremony in the lobby witnessed by both parents and entire bridal party which was very cute! The flower and all the decoration was done by M&M Special Events. Ceremony and reception was taking place without any hitch (thanks to Adel from Oliveaire,everything was running so smoothly, and it was a huge help on us to wrap up our 4 back-to-back weddings that weekend. A big thanks to Gayle and Edward for generosity and kindness, and best of luck to you both!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Maggie + Mike Wedding Film Trailer

This wedding was one of rare cases where I have never met the bride and groom, but as soon as I walked into Maggie's prep location (Wit Hotel), everyone gave me warm welcome and offering me refreshments. Maggie was very relaxed, and smiling throughout her preparation process, and so was Mike.
Ceremony and reception was held in the Adler Planetarium in downtown Chicago, and it was GORGEOUS!!! Everything went so smoothly, huge thanks to Charlene from Sweet Chic Events. Charlene had talked about the wedding day and all the planning with us ahead of time, which helped us tremendously to be able to capture the moment without any surprises.
Makeup was done by Lillian Toma from Starlight Makeup
Photographer was Brian from Grey St. Photography and he was awesome to work with as well! Can't wait to see the photos.
Color of the sky was simply beautiful during first dance, too. Congratulations to Maggie and Mike, and thank you very much for such a great wedding!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Lady May + Ryan Wedding Film Trailer

Last weekend, we captured total of 4 weddings and every single one of them was truly unique and amazing!!! As a start up of trailer marathon from last weekend weddings, here is the trailer of May and Ryan's wedding!
They tied the knot at Old St.Patrick's church on Monroe St, and it was one of most restricted churches we have shot so far, which gave us tons of challenges to shoot the angles we wanted. Other than that, the light was beautiful inside of church, and there was lots of emotion throughout the entire ceremony.
The reception was held at Hyatt in Schaumburg, and they surprised their guests with a choreographed first dance!
Their photographer was Danielle and Jake from Danielle Aquiline Photography and make up was done by Sonia Roselli
Congratulations to May and Ryan!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Doan + Daniel Wedding Film Trailer

Orange Wedding Films had back to back wedding last weekend, they both turned out to be truly amazing weddings. On May 1st, Doan and Daniel tied the knot, and we were there to capture all the details, emotion, and moments. On my to church after capturing the couple's "first reveal" on the staircase at the hotel, I could map out the trailer in my head how it should lay out, and the trailer came out 99% close to what I was thinking. We can't wait to premiere the full film and short film for the couple, family and friends.
The hair was done by Livia Caporale, the reception was held at Renaissance hotel in Schaumburg. It was great to work with the photographer Leo from Fragola Productions.
Check out their awesome photos from Fragola's blog here

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Alicia + Scott Wedding Film Trailer

We filmed Alicia and Scott's Wedding and it was one of "the nicest" weddings that we have filmed. Everyone was taking good care of our crew, and everything was going so smoothly throughout the day. Ceremony and reception was held in William Tell in Countryside, and it was our first outdoor wedding this year. The precipitation was 80% 2 days before, but it dropped down to 20% on the day of. It did rain A LOT starting around 9PM, but for their ceremony and photo session, it was pretty outside! Even during the ceremony, it was a bit windy with grey clouds above us, but not a single drop came down. Reception was full of surprises (wait for the full film!), and the father of the bride came to our table himself to make sure we got food and drinks. Awesome families and friends! Stunning bride, awesome groom, perfect wedding! Congratulations to Alicia and Scott. Enjoy the trailer!!!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Orange Wedding Films' Podcast interview with www.learningdslrvideo.com

I had such an awesome opportunity to have an interview with Dave Dugdale from www.learningdslrvideo.com this morning, and now it's available online and iTunes Store as well (avaiable for your iPods and/or iPhones). Search for "learning dslr video podcast" and mine is 2nd episode or you can visit his website at http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/jj-kim-podcast/
To watch more videos that I have created about DSLR cameras and T2i, visit my channel on Vimeo.com (http://vimeo.com/channels/jjdslr)
I have been suffering with allergies and cold, so I cough here and there, and I sound funny, but hope you enjoy!
Big thanks to Dave Dugdale for having me for his Podcast!


Jennifer + Martin Wedding Film Trailer

On April 17th, we were fortunate to capture the wedding day of Jennifer and Martin.
The weather could not have been any better. It was simply gorgeous all day to evening.
What really surprised me and Charlie was that everything was running so smoothly and nicely. Everyone was checking up on us (especially Jennifer and Martin), and things was on the schedule most of time, which is, by the way, hard to experience during any given wedding without a planner.
The ceremony was held at Bond Chapel in UIC, and the reception was at Beverly Country Club. They had a band named Gentlemen of Leisure Band who were just amazing with full brass and 6-7 singers. Robin and Amanda from Riverbend Studio was awesome to work with, whose assistant was the photographer from last weekend wedding! Small world!
So, here is the wedding film trailer of Jennifer and Martin. I wish them the best. Enjoy!
(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

Anastasia + Chris Wedding Film Trailer!

Orange Wedding Films shot our very first Greek wedding, and it was truly unique experience. At any given time, there was music, there was food, there was dancing, and there was excitement. The weather was amazing throughout the day.
The reception was held at Cotillion in Palatine which was beautiful.
Maggie from Maggie Russo Photo. She was so easy to work with, and I believe she took some amazing photos as well!
It was filled with dance throughout the night with laughters and joy!
Check out the sneak peak of the wedding trailer from April 10th, Anastasia and Chris' wedding!
(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY.
Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

March of Dimes - Chicago Comcast Sportsnet Sports Award

We are proud to be a part of March of Dimes Chicago Division's Comcast Sportsnet Sport Award which took place on February. Here is the recap of the day along with interviews with Chicago's own athletes who came out to support and sponsors.
March of Dimes also have an event coming, so please check their Facebook Fanpage as well here

Haneen + Amir Wedding Film Trailer!

Orange Wedding Films is very happy to present Haneen and Amir's Wedding Film Trailer. It was 4 day events full of joy, happiness, and fun. Thank you both, and best of luck to you!!!
Please check out their Thank you/Love story Video here at vimeo.com/10261189

(For better viewing experience:PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY.
Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play.)

Love Story/Thank You Video of Haneen & Amir

1st time ever directed by me, love story/thank u video of Amir and Haneen who got married last Saturday. it's a surprise to the guests on Sunday night during reception, and it was blast!

Canon EOS 7D vs T2i comparison

So Here it is. Canon EOS T2i. 1/2 of price of 7D that shoots HD video, just like 7D.
I will cut to the point.
T2i is a good video camera. If you are ready to step into HDSLR world, go ahead. Get one. However, because I have used 7D for last 4.5 months or so, I'm quite used to shooting video with 7D. If you have never used 7D before, I think T2i will be just fine.
Here are some main differences (some of them mentioned in my video) between these 2 cameras. I stayed strictly in "Video" usage comparison. Due to time limit, no still photo comparison at the moment.

Weight/built material: 7D is a winner on this. Its weight is just about right to have some weight for steady handheld shots. T2i seems a bit too light. I am sure this makes almost no difference on tripod, but for the handheld, it was like shooting Canon XH-A1 and HV30. 7D should be more weather protected than T2i. No question.

Button layout: it's video friendly. slightly different from 7D, but not that bad.

Display: very similar to each other. no biggies here.

input/output: no deal-breaker for video use. T2i lacks flash line which doesn't matter for video use.

ISO: 7D has more variable ISO settings. T2i has limited setting. They both still go up to 6400. Would it make too much difference? Not for me since I always stick with 100,200,400,800,1600 or 3200, which is pretty much what T2i has.

White Balance: big drawback (at least to me) was T2i does not have an option to white balance by K temp. Only preset setting or custom (which could be pain in the a**)

Image quality: gotta see the video to be able to tell. And I apologize ahead of time for shooting only "not so interesting" stuff today. I am feeling a little bit under the weather and don't want to be outside for long. But more interesting stuff will come soon.

LCD: very clear on T2i. My Z-finder seems to fit right in. I will know this for sure when I get my 2nd Z-finder for T2i, but seems to have very similar size of 7D. Zacuto Z-Finder webpage has a special instruction for it, but no biggie.

Battery/charger: it's new type of battery on T2i. I just ordered 2 more from Calumet. The charger is different, too. 7D has no cable connection to the outlet, instead it has collapsible 2 prongs sticking out on back of charger while T2i charger has attachable cable to the outlet. I prefer no cable, but it may become handy in small space outlet.

So. Am I going to toss 7D away and get another T2i? NO.
Am I going to return T2i and get another 7D? NO.
I would still feel more comfortable having 7D around, but I see absoutely no reason not to buy T2i as your first HDSLR camera (for the video use, of course).
I personally like 7D because it's slightly bigger, heavier and weather-resistant.
But T2i can be my 2nd camera for sure. No more playing with XH-A1s to match color and pixel ratio (which does take time when exporting).
I would personally avoid kit lens. I got the kit lens with 7D and never found a use of it. Have been trying to sell it, but no one seems to be interested.
I personally enjoy using 24-70MM 2.8 L lens for 7D, and I am going to get EF-S 17-55MM with IS for T2i. Zacuto gear is what I use: Z-Finder, and Rapid Fire. I believe Z-Finder is "a must-have" for HDSLR. People are crazy about shallow depth of field on these HDSLR cameras. But with looking at your LCD with your naked eyes, this could work against you. You have to have sharply focused object for best quality image with your HDSLR. Especially for event filmmakers, where people are almost always moving around throughout the event (preparation, photo session and dancing?!?!), Z-Finder will save your life when facing challenge with focusing. If you are going fully HDSLR (no regular video camera), get audio recording device. I have H4N. There are a couple more different ones out there, but please get one. It's a necessary tool for clean audio. If you want steady shots, get a stabilizer of some sorts. I have Sachtler Soom system and Zacuto's Rapid Fire. Since HDSLR camera's main purpose is still-photos, they didn't design the camera with video users in mind. It's very challenging to hold one and shoot very steady for a long time. Some type of stabilizers will be very helpful, especially in run-n-gun type shoots.
So here is the short comparison video between 7D and T2i.
Again, this is strictly personal opinions. If I can do something better or easier, I am always opened to suggestions. Any questions or comments, please email me at jj@orangevp.com
I somewhat rushed to write this blog, so if there have been any misspell, grammar errors, etc, please forgive me.
Also the video that I made today is a bit long. It's about 19 minutes.
I tried my best to compare 7D vs. T2i because many people want to know if T2i can perform video shooting as well as 7D. I tried to compare those two cameras side to side. I didn't have enough time to do all the tests I wanted: 24P, 30P, 60P, different colored objects, etc, etc. It's cold here in Chicago and I have been sick since yesterday. So I will go out and shoot some more when I (and weather) get better. Our 1st wedding (Indian Traditional wedding) is in March 19th. I will be most likely shoot that wedding (and beyond) with 7D and T2i. So I will have a lot to share then.
Thank you so much for reading and watching.

To watch in HD, visit www.vimeo.com/9719790


Follow me at www.twitter.com/jj_orange