[IN]FOCUS 2010 by JJ Kim

2010 is off to a good start. Wait, 'good' is not good enough to describe the feeling that I have for beginning of this year. How about 'great,' 'awesome,' 'amazing,' 'incredible,' or 'unforgettable?' These are some words that I would use to describe the presenters, new friends that I made, the atmosphere throughout days and nights, the people who put this gathering together, and last, but not least, "how I feel about myself and my business."

The title, "[IN]FOCUS," was how I felt after I came back to Chicago. I was [IN]FOCUS about how to make my wedding/event films in 2010 and beyond, I was [IN]FOCUS about how to manage my projects (so that I can spend a little more time with my wife and kids), I was IN[FOCUS]about learning how to connect with other people even if we were from 50 different states and several countries, and more. So I have changed a lot since I got back however, here is one thing that has not changed with me.
My philosophy:
It has always been "Providing the best quality films to all my clients......
Every Single One of them."
And it looked like that's what other filmmakers that I met had in their mind also, whether they were presenters, staff or attendees.
I am not going to touch on each sessions since I don't want to spill the beans and expose everything; you gotta go to this gathering if you are interested! I can tell everyone that it was great and I learned a lot, but can't give all the details from each session.
I usually try to capture everything in my camera; always try to find a unique angle, try to capture any cool moments, try to capture each person's face who was there....
Not this time, though. I wanted to remember everything from this event, but I wanted to spend more time learning... and yes, have a good time.
I attended a video seminar/workshop once before, and there were more sessions, more vendors, and more attendees. Sorry to say, but I learned more from [IN]FOCUS. Maybe I was shy then (being a first timer on any type of big seminar like that for videographers/filmmakers), but I got to connect with so many great (and fun) people at [IN]FOCUS.
One of the biggest highlights from it was that I got to meet with one of my personal inspirations, personal hero, at this gathering. When I first stated Orange Video Productions, I thought, 'Am I ever going to be half as good as him?' 'Did I get into the right business here?' It kind of started like that, but after a couple of days of depressing and doubtful moments, I picked myself up (thanks to the support from my beautiful wife) and thought "I will never copy what he does, but I will work and study hard to create some kick-ass films that inspire people, just like how his work does." It meant a lot to me to meet with him in person and get a chance to say thanks to him. I hope he remembers me saying that as we were walking through downtown Austin looking for our 5th stop for more beer with about 20-30 people.
3 days felt short, 24 hours per day felt short; but that's what makes me look forward to the next one. Whether it's going to be another [IN]FOCUS in 2011, WEVA, or even Re[Frame](-->never been to this one, but would love to attend), I will not be shy to talk and meet with new people and share my love and passsssssion (yes, with 7 S's).
I have to say "Thank you" to Don, Chris, Joe and Terry, and Julian (whom I didn't get to meet, but still a huge thanks to him from my heart). And all the presenters who took their own time to prepare great presentations to all of us, huge kudos and props to you all. And to all of my friends with whom I got to hang out and made [IN]FOCUS 158% more fun, I miss you all. To all who didn't get to say "Hi," we have the next one coming up (right?!)and let's make sure we get to hang out.

In closing, my father has always told me, "When you study, study as hard as you can. When you are having fun, have fun as much as you can". I think I finally did what he has told me to do for 32 years.
And the biggest thanks to my lovely wife, who helped and supported me from a distance while I was gone, taking care of my son, daughter, and Orange.

From the heart,


P.S. As I mentioned above, I didn't get to take many photos, but click the link below to see some screenshots from some of the video that I took with my 7D. (Some others shot with my camera.. but I can't remember exactly who did, though...? Hmmm....)
Check out my photos that are posted on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2028657&id=70002570&l=c25fadb59b

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