Alicia + Scott Wedding Film Trailer

We filmed Alicia and Scott's Wedding and it was one of "the nicest" weddings that we have filmed. Everyone was taking good care of our crew, and everything was going so smoothly throughout the day. Ceremony and reception was held in William Tell in Countryside, and it was our first outdoor wedding this year. The precipitation was 80% 2 days before, but it dropped down to 20% on the day of. It did rain A LOT starting around 9PM, but for their ceremony and photo session, it was pretty outside! Even during the ceremony, it was a bit windy with grey clouds above us, but not a single drop came down. Reception was full of surprises (wait for the full film!), and the father of the bride came to our table himself to make sure we got food and drinks. Awesome families and friends! Stunning bride, awesome groom, perfect wedding! Congratulations to Alicia and Scott. Enjoy the trailer!!!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

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