Lady May + Ryan Wedding Film Trailer

Last weekend, we captured total of 4 weddings and every single one of them was truly unique and amazing!!! As a start up of trailer marathon from last weekend weddings, here is the trailer of May and Ryan's wedding!
They tied the knot at Old St.Patrick's church on Monroe St, and it was one of most restricted churches we have shot so far, which gave us tons of challenges to shoot the angles we wanted. Other than that, the light was beautiful inside of church, and there was lots of emotion throughout the entire ceremony.
The reception was held at Hyatt in Schaumburg, and they surprised their guests with a choreographed first dance!
Their photographer was Danielle and Jake from Danielle Aquiline Photography and make up was done by Sonia Roselli
Congratulations to May and Ryan!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

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