Maggie + Mike Wedding Film Trailer

This wedding was one of rare cases where I have never met the bride and groom, but as soon as I walked into Maggie's prep location (Wit Hotel), everyone gave me warm welcome and offering me refreshments. Maggie was very relaxed, and smiling throughout her preparation process, and so was Mike.
Ceremony and reception was held in the Adler Planetarium in downtown Chicago, and it was GORGEOUS!!! Everything went so smoothly, huge thanks to Charlene from Sweet Chic Events. Charlene had talked about the wedding day and all the planning with us ahead of time, which helped us tremendously to be able to capture the moment without any surprises.
Makeup was done by Lillian Toma from Starlight Makeup
Photographer was Brian from Grey St. Photography and he was awesome to work with as well! Can't wait to see the photos.
Color of the sky was simply beautiful during first dance, too. Congratulations to Maggie and Mike, and thank you very much for such a great wedding!

(For better viewing experience: PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND PAUSE RIGHT WAY. Wait for the grey bar to fill up, then press play)

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Charlene @ Sweetchic said...

WOW, fabulous job, JJ! And the color of the sky was UNbelivable, you captured it beautifully!