Kathleen + Mark Wedding Film Trailer

We have been very fortunate to capture Kathleen and Mark's wedding on June 18th, Friday. We had great start of the day, and awesome ending of the night. Yes, there was some rain, thunderstorm and lighting during and after the ceremony, but by the time we came back to reception location, sky cleared out and gave us golden hour with perfect lighting for photo and filming.
Make up was done by Sonia Roselli and photo was done by Danielle from Danielle Aquiline Photography.
So, enjoy the trailer! And best of luck to you both, Kathleen + Mark Thame!

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Crystal + Vu Wedding Film Trailer

You can only dream about marrying your first crush in elementary school, right? Nope. Not the case for Crystal and Vu. They share some fun/unique love story, and after long years in love, they finally tied the knot in June 12th. When I was listening to the story told by the reverend, I could not stop smiling at how cute the story was. We took the trolley after the ceremony to take some photos at the elementary school that they went together, and it was very fun!
Reception was full of fun dances, and shots, shots, shots, shots.. and more shots...
(I took some as well.... check out their "Trolley Ride" Trailer)
Congratulations, you guys, and thank you very much for great time!

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Official Trailer

Trolley Ride Trailer

Megan + Jeremy Wedding Film Trailer

On June 5th, Megan and Jeremy got married, and Orange Wedding Films was there to capture all the detail, emotion and joy throughout the day!
Preparation of Megan and reception took place at William Tell in Countryside, and had ceremony at St Christopher Church in Midlothian.
The topper of the cake was very unique (watch the trailer to find out!), and it was so much fun throughout the night during the reception with tons of dancing and laughters!
Beautiful flowers and details were done by Kio Kreations and photos were done by Kara from Kara Schultz Photography
Congratulations to Megan and Jeremy! And Thank you two so much for such a great wedding for us to be part of.

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Natalie + Allon Wedding Fillm Trailer

May 30th. Two awesome people tied the knot. Natalie was absolutely gorgeous with simple yet elegant dress. Allon looked sharp with his suit with hint of purple color.
The ceremony and reception was taken placed at Chicago Contemporary Art Museum which was filled with cool art pieces.
The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony, which was warm yet cool with a little breeze.
The photo was done by Dean from Thorsen Photography. He took some cool photos of our crew, too. His work is awesome, so make sure to check out his blog!
I wish I have known the florist as well, because their flower and detail was great, too.
The couple should have been back from their 2 weeks honeymoon by now, so here it is!
Enjoy, and best of luck to Natalie and Allon!

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Nicole + Derek Wedding Film Trailer

We were meant to capture the wedding of Nicole and Derek on May 29th.
They came around full circle (a long, but funny story) to finally decide to have us to film their wedding, LOL! We had Eileen and Scott (Jan 2, 2010) and Nikki and Matt (May 21, 2011) at the wedding and both ladies were bride's maid! It's always awesome to see our past brides and/or future brides at the wedding that we are shooting!
Everything was going flawlessly throughout the day, and Nicole and Derek took a good care of our crew. It was also nice to work with Chad and Michelle from Husar Photography again. They are very professional and fun to work with!
We captured some extremely funny/cute moment during dancing, but you would have to wait for the full film!
Thank you, Nicole and Derek, so much for everything, and best of luck to you guys!

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Kristen + Josh Wedding Film Trailer

On May 15th, Orange Wedding Films captured Kristen and Josh getting married! Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous with her dress and hair. They got ready at W Hotel in downtown which they also had their reception. The ceremony was held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Wilmette.
Photographer was Chad from Husar Photography, and by the way, we shot with him again past weekend on May 29th! Chad and Michelle was great to work with, and we will talk about them again soon!

Featured on Chicago's own filmmaker Caleb Pike's Production Journal

Caleb is "a digital jack of all trades" and very talented young man in many different production fields. This week, he created an audio recording called "production journal" and I was mentioned on his journal, and I felt very honored.
He is also a DSLR shooter and running an awesome website here, and if you are intersted in starting DSLR video shooting,his website will be very helpful.
The audio clip could be found in follow link at http://calebpike.com/
Dave Dugdale from http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/ also was mentioned. He did podcast with me earlier last month, and he is a good resource for DSLR shooting as well.
Our twitter friend from Germany, Michael Schmidt from A 550D User’s Blog was mentioned as well.
Huge thanks to Caleb for mentioning, and look forward to meet him in the near future.

Sarah + James Wedding Film Trailer

On May 22nd, we drove about an hour or so out to Plainfield to capture the wedding day of Sarah and James. The weather was beautiful and perfect for outdoor ceremony. The ceremony was held at Settler's Park. During the ceremony, there was a short story read about Sarah's late mother, and as soon as the story was done, dandelion started flying everywhere... it was truly emotional moment for all of us who were there.
Both Sarah and James was super relaxed and laid back, and we ended up having so much fun till very end of the night. The band they had played some bad a** tunes throughout the night.
Photo was done by Scott from Perception Photography
Congratulations, Sarah and James. Thank you very much for wonderful day!

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