Nicole + Derek Wedding Film Trailer

We were meant to capture the wedding of Nicole and Derek on May 29th.
They came around full circle (a long, but funny story) to finally decide to have us to film their wedding, LOL! We had Eileen and Scott (Jan 2, 2010) and Nikki and Matt (May 21, 2011) at the wedding and both ladies were bride's maid! It's always awesome to see our past brides and/or future brides at the wedding that we are shooting!
Everything was going flawlessly throughout the day, and Nicole and Derek took a good care of our crew. It was also nice to work with Chad and Michelle from Husar Photography again. They are very professional and fun to work with!
We captured some extremely funny/cute moment during dancing, but you would have to wait for the full film!
Thank you, Nicole and Derek, so much for everything, and best of luck to you guys!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)


Eat Your Kimchi said...

This is absolutely beautiful. We're going to do a wedding video for someone in a few months, and I wish our video can come even close to being as nice as this. Thank you for sharing.

wen said...

Beautiful! Love the effects in the last 30 secs or so!