Joyce + Jun Wedding Film Trailer

"Nice".... that's the word of the day on June 20th wedding of Joyce and Jun.
Everyone was so welcoming and nice to us. No drama, no rushing... just simply "nice".
It made us feel so at ease which helped tremendously to capture such a wonderful wedding from the beginning to the end. I found out a lot about Jun that day... He likes classic rock & roll (Guns&Roses, in particular), and we actually share our "the" favorite Korean artist, Seo Tae-Ji. Joyce was so beautiful that day, and Sonia Roselli did an awesome job on Joyce's makeup. Photo was done by Wayne from Wayne Yuan Photographer. Joyce's mom made such a great impression on me as a parent (thought she was Joyce's sister! So did my wife while watching the footage!) raising three wonderful daughters. There was a grand exit with sparklers at the end of the reception which is always fun to capture! Thank you so much for such a great day, Joyce+Jun!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)


Joyce said...

JJ, wow! First off, thank you for your too kind words that you've expressed for Jun and my family. We are very grateful that you were a part of our special day!

The video is amazing! You wonderfully captured the emotions everyone was feeling that day and made me wanting to see more! We, our whole family, loves it!

A BIG and WARM THANK YOU to YOU and ELI!, joyce & jun

Wayne Yuan Photography said...

Joyce + Jun's wedding photos are up!