Nhikkie + Dee Wedding Film Trailer

What a early start on the day of June 19th! Nhikkie and Dee had a long but very special day ahead of them when I saw them at 8:30AM. They had 2 tea ceremony at each parents' house, then off to downtown for photo shoot+intimate ceremony, then off to Furama uptown.
I knew it was going to a fun wedding based on what I expreienced from their save the date session (http://vimeo.com/7544233).
We saw so many people there that we know (Crystal+Vu / Kaylie+Tony), maybe some future bride+groom, LOL!
Photo was done by one of my "the" favorite photographers in Chicago area, Albert+Jimmy from Second Print Productions. Make sure to check out the website!
Here is the film trailer of Nhikkie and Dee! Enjoy!

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Ann Vo said...

I'd volunteer to be that "future bride + groom!" I just gotta get the BF in on the plan. :D

AMAZING work, JJ. I can't wait to see the actual wedding video & all the moments you captured.

See you at Kaylie's wedding!