Dn. Zachariah + Shirley Wedding Film Trailer

On July 18th, it was yet another new experience for Orange Wedding Films crew with a beautiful Orthodox wedding. I have met with Dn. Zachariah a couple of times before the wedding for slide show production and schedule, and I knew things would go very smoothly throughout the wedding day. Sure enough, everything was on time, weather was beautiful, and there were wonderful events throughout the day. We have created a slideshow for the couple (with a surprise segment for Shirley), and we had a good laugh from the guests and the couple. There were several impressive performances during the reception, too! Beautiful photos were done by Misha Media Photography, and they were so much fun to work with. Make sure to check out their blog for the couple's photos (that were posted today!) Congratulations to Dn. Zachariah and Shirley! Enjoy the trailer.

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

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