Samar + Haider Wedding Film Trailer

During the consultation few months back, Samar explained and described what her wedding was going to look like. On July 17th, when I stepped into her prep location, her awesome dress was exactly how she told me, and all the details at reception location was beyond my belief how awesome they looked (just as how she described).
You will have to wait to see the full film and highlights to view all the amazing things Samar and Haider had on their wedding; from French Modern decoration, Cigar roller, and crazy performers from overseas!
Photo was done by Mark Fillies (who passed away shortly after the wedding... my prayers to his friends and family...) and the awesome decor was done by Yanni Design Studio.
In the meantime, enjoy their wedding film trailer here! A huge thanks to Samar and Haider for incredible experience! Congratulations!

(For better viewing experience, please press PLAY and pause right away. Wait for grey bar to fill up, and then PLAY again)

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