Debbie + Tim Wedding Film Trailer

September 5th. The word of the day was "smile".
I've never seen a bride smiling and enjoying her day this much, which put smiles on my face all day and night. It was 3rd wedding of that week, but as soon as I saw her and her family greeting me, I felt like it was the 1st wedding of the season!
Tim was down to earth awesome to work with.
Their church was round shape which was very interesting and cool!
The photographer was Peter from and was great to work with.
Even though it was raining a little bit in the beginning of the photo session, no one was frowning or complaining. We went ahead and took some awesome (and some hilarious) photos until the very end.
Everything went so smoothly and we had tons of fun.
Big thanks to Debbie and Tim!
Enjoy the trailer!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! Debra you look beautiful!!!

grazia said...

Everything looks like in a fairy-tale!!
...Apart from this,
Debra, ... wonderful shoes!!
All the best!

Diana said...

How awesome!! You definitely chose the right videographer. You look so beautiful and I loved the shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Debra...You look amazing! Your smile said it all. The shoes, I need location of purchase. They were hot(t). Good job. You deserve it!


Linda said...

Debbie you look amazing and so does Tim! I wish you guys all the happiness.


Anonymous said...

Debbie you look beautiful!!! I am so excited for you! I love those shoes!