Very 1st Same Day Edit from Orange Wedding Films

This is our very first Same Day Edit ever...
It was very challenging and difficult work, and I don't know how some of you guys do it so often...
Great props to my crew members, Nicole and Charlie!
No color correction, this is pretty much how it was played during the reception.
You may see on the "reaction" video, but I tricked the couple and guests by "broken" segment of last part of slideshow in the beginning of the video to make it even more "surprised" and "unexpected".
Now we offer Same Day Edit as a la carte and part of the package. Please contact us at for more info.

(please be gentle on critique as I am a very rookie on SDE world...)

When we pulled the surprise Same Day Edit on Amy+Phil and their guests, their reaction was beyond my expectation!
I really respect even more than ever all of event filmmakers who do Same Day Edit so often.
It is truly challenging task, but totally worth it.
Looking forward to give this priceless experience to more couples and guests next season!


Andy Pauquette said...

Wow -- great job!

Jeff Brouillet said...

That was pretty awesome, especially considering its your first SDE! Love the reaction too, I bet you're hooked now, it such an awesome thing to do for your couples!