Shahzeen + Prem Wedding Film Trailer

How Shahzeen and Prem met is truly amazing (check out their OrangE-Session!), and their wedding reception was beautiful as well.
They had the ceremony on September 11, and the reception was October 9th at Chicago Cultural Center which was absolutely gorgeous location for a celebration.
Photo was done by Lisel from Lisel Diesel Photo and she was simply awesome to work with (she was as dorky as I was, LOL!).
She also took engagement photos of the couple which were used in OrangE-Session as well.
Congratulations to Shahzeen + Prem.
Here is the trailer!

Wedding Film Trailer


"Lights!" "Camera!" "Action!"

"We don't call your wedding video a "VIDEO". Instead, notice how many people are calling it a "film" or "movie". Why? Simple. So called "wedding videos" have transformed into "wedding films" or "wedding movies" because event filmmakers (cinematographers) have raised the bar and really poured their heart and soul into each wedding that they capture. The new contemporary Filmmaker has reinvested in equipment and themselves to increase the production value of the films they create.
Some of our industry leaders have proven to us what's possible with the extra push on creativity, effort, and passion toward what we do.
Do you hear the word "video" in Hollywood? Not really. You hear "film", "movie", "DP (director of photography)", "cinema", and "cinematographers". Many elements make a wedding film cinematic, including but not limited to, music, camera movement, composition and lighting. Event filmmakers, have come a long way to call our work a "film" or "movie" because of the incorporation of tools and techniques.
Our brides and grooms (and their family and friends) appreciate our work more than ever. They appreciate the level of production value and the fact that it is an investment that appreciates over time. But it's important to understand what it takes to create a great "wedding film".
"Lights, Camera, Action!"
We have a "Camera" that we use to capture "Action" throughout the day and there is almost always one location that lacks "LIGHTS". You guessed it: the "RECEPTION".
The vision of a reception hall in many people's minds is romantic candle light, no ambient light, no spot light, just simple, romantic, dimmed all the way down, dark reception hall. Photographers use flash and even then they often tell me that if it's too dark, it makes it very difficult to focus.
Have you ever seen a movie set with no lighting? Probably not.
Venue managers and owners need to step up and help out the photographers and videographers on hand. We are not asking for full blown out hall, either.
When the dance floor opens to all the guests, they can dim the lights down all they want, but for introduction, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and the parent dance, we need to able to see something.
It's very important that brides and grooms discuss lighting with the venue manager during their consultation. I don't want to bother you before the grand introduction into the reception, and ask "can you tell your venue manager to turn up the lighting? They are not listening to anyone but you."
We will have to start bringing our own lighting system from this point on to avoid any conflict with venue managers and we much prefer the hall lighting was a little brighter than what we've seen in the past.
Let's make your wedding film a movie. Not just another old wedding video! Don't forget "Lights, camera, action!".
Love you all.


Jeremy + Carmela Wedding Film Trailer

During our consultation, I asked Carmela what her favorite band was. She answered "Dave Matthews Band." I pretty much knew right away that I have to shoot her wedding. I asked what else she liked to listen. Then she answered "the Frey". I instantly felt she was meant to be good friend of mine, and that was exactly how she treated me during her wedding day. I am always grateful for the way our brides + grooms treat us, but Carmela took care of us more than of herself that day. Jeremy was from New York, so I didn't have a chance to meet him prior to the wedding, but he treated us the same way Carmela did. Of course, the sun set was absolutely beautiful during a short photo session (due to chilly weather! burrrrrr!) Reception was small, but filled with dance and laughter.
Thank you guys so much for being simply awesome.
Nathaniel from West Photography was awesome to work with as well. Always great work with photographers who understands our needs and workflow throughout the day (and hopefully we did the same thing for them!)

Constance + George Wedding Film Trailer + Highlights

On September 24 + 25, we captured Constance and George's wedding ceremonies + reception. I've never met the couple before, and I was very anxious to see them in person for the first time. Based on organized schedule and a couple of phone calls, I knew they would have awesome personality! Sure enough, their 1st day of cultural ceremony was filled with unique rituals and colors and food throughout the evening, and 2nd day of Christian ceremony and reception took place at Stan Mansion with Orange lights shining the stage.
Photo was done by Maggie and Emily from Gerber+Scarpelli Wedding Photography, and it's always fun + easy to work with such talented photographers from their studio.
Best of luck to you, Constance and George!
Here is their wedding film trailer!

Dana + Mike Wedding Film Trailer

To best describe the wedding of Dana and Mike would have to be the word….love. The love in their eyes, the love spelled out in different languages to the love candy dish in the end.
The ceremony took place in Villa Park at St. Alexander Church. A white Bentley was waiting for the bride and groom after the ceremony. That lovely ride took them to Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton. Too kick off the dinner, a Mariachi band played for the bride and groom. This music brought the bride and her Father to tears!! Great speeches and dancing capped off the night dedicated to love!
The photographer was Lin, Photography by Lin, and she was excellent to work with! Best of wishes for the happy couple in love, Dana and Mike! Thank you guys so much!

Melissa + Dan Wedding Film Trailer

On September 18th, many meaningful events happened. First, this was our last day with double booked wedding (yes, I get to be with you all brides+grooms from this point on), and guess when Melissa and Dan decided to have us for their wedding: last year MARCH. Yep, 18 month ago. They were one of the very first couples that booked us. It means a lot to me personally to see them again 18 month later, and we've come a loooong way.
You can check out their "Save the Date" video that we made, um, one year ago!
Me and Eli drove up to Milwaukee, WI for their prep at the church. They had many brides' maid and groomsman filled of fun personality!
There were so many cute details that I couldn't even put on the trailer, so I can't wait till edit the full film!
The photographer was Heather from Heather Cook Elliott Photography and she was so much fun to work with!
Check out their wedding film trailer, and Save The Date video, too!
Best of luck to you both, Melissa+Dan, and thank you so much for everything. I miss you guys already!


Kim + Kevin Wedding Film Trailer

Kim and Kevin was ready in the morning at their house getting ready for very busy day, starting with tea ceremony, then photo session in downtown, ceremony, then reception.
Everything was running smoothly, and all the vendors were awesome to work with. The photographer was from MI, and her name was Kara Purtell. We had fun shooting this awesome couple around the downtown.
Reception was full of fun with speeches and live band. We also played "Thank You Video" (check it out, embedded below the trailer), and saw many teary eyes among the guests. When I was working on it, I myself almost teared up while working on it because I could see their appreciation through their words.
Best of luck to Kim and Kevin, and of course, their adorable son, Ethan. I was glad to see Ethan came out later to put his groove on the dance floor :-)

Thank You Video