Jeremy + Carmela Wedding Film Trailer

During our consultation, I asked Carmela what her favorite band was. She answered "Dave Matthews Band." I pretty much knew right away that I have to shoot her wedding. I asked what else she liked to listen. Then she answered "the Frey". I instantly felt she was meant to be good friend of mine, and that was exactly how she treated me during her wedding day. I am always grateful for the way our brides + grooms treat us, but Carmela took care of us more than of herself that day. Jeremy was from New York, so I didn't have a chance to meet him prior to the wedding, but he treated us the same way Carmela did. Of course, the sun set was absolutely beautiful during a short photo session (due to chilly weather! burrrrrr!) Reception was small, but filled with dance and laughter.
Thank you guys so much for being simply awesome.
Nathaniel from West Photography was awesome to work with as well. Always great work with photographers who understands our needs and workflow throughout the day (and hopefully we did the same thing for them!)


West Photography said...

It was really cool working with Orange Video Productions, and the trailer is AWESOME!!! If I wasn't convinced before about the video capabilities of DSLRs, I am now! Plus, the creativity you both exhibit is amazing. You have a gift for capturing the emotion and beauty of the wedding day.

Brian Carpenter said...

nice work JJ. congrats to the beautiful couple.