Melissa + Dan Wedding Film Trailer

On September 18th, many meaningful events happened. First, this was our last day with double booked wedding (yes, I get to be with you all brides+grooms from this point on), and guess when Melissa and Dan decided to have us for their wedding: last year MARCH. Yep, 18 month ago. They were one of the very first couples that booked us. It means a lot to me personally to see them again 18 month later, and we've come a loooong way.
You can check out their "Save the Date" video that we made, um, one year ago!
Me and Eli drove up to Milwaukee, WI for their prep at the church. They had many brides' maid and groomsman filled of fun personality!
There were so many cute details that I couldn't even put on the trailer, so I can't wait till edit the full film!
The photographer was Heather from Heather Cook Elliott Photography and she was so much fun to work with!
Check out their wedding film trailer, and Save The Date video, too!
Best of luck to you both, Melissa+Dan, and thank you so much for everything. I miss you guys already!



Daniel Dunn said...

Very cool, love that ending. Yes, you've come a long way, and it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to see the whole thing....