Shahzeen + Prem Wedding Film Trailer

How Shahzeen and Prem met is truly amazing (check out their OrangE-Session!), and their wedding reception was beautiful as well.
They had the ceremony on September 11, and the reception was October 9th at Chicago Cultural Center which was absolutely gorgeous location for a celebration.
Photo was done by Lisel from Lisel Diesel Photo and she was simply awesome to work with (she was as dorky as I was, LOL!).
She also took engagement photos of the couple which were used in OrangE-Session as well.
Congratulations to Shahzeen + Prem.
Here is the trailer!

Wedding Film Trailer


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erbez said...

Hello I write from Venezuela in South America.

I am a great admirer of his work and always watch your videos ... for the first time I dare to ask a question I hope you can help me.

in the trailer .. Shahzad + Prem transition as there flare effect I wanted for a long time without success I hope you can help me ...

greetings simon
my English is very bad use google translator