Julie + Ryan Wedding Film Trailer

This will be the last wedding film trailer of 2010. This year has been so awesome, and we could not have asked for a better job than capturing all the weddings of our brides and grooms. Julie and Ryan's wedding was the 2nd to the last wedding of the year (the detail of last wedding of the year coming soon...), and Debbie from 9.4 wedding was there as a brides maid, and it was so good to see her. Everyone was so welcoming us and happy for Julie and Ryan. It was snowing so beautifully, and couldn't resist capturing those white flakes wherever we go. During the ceremony, they read, as a married couple for the first time, the prayer that they prepared together. Reception was at Danada House which we also captured beautiful wedding last year. It was kind of days where I feel truly blessed to be able to capture the wedding day of this wonderful couple. It was also great to see Debbie + Tim, and Debbie's parents!
We were blessed to work with very talented Tony and Michelle from Life On Prints Photography. They were truly kind and awesome to us throughout the day.
DJ was Chris from Spin Productions helping us with audio feed and smooth + fun evening!
The biggest thanks to Julie+Ryan and their families+friends for having us at such a special day!
Happy holidays to all!



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