Leah + Daniel | 12.3.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

In December, we were invited to Meyers Castle in Dyer, Indiana for beautiful wedding of Leah and Daniel.
Everyone was so welcoming and kind to us, and it made our work so much easier to capture such a wonderful event.
We worked with Christina from Cornerstone Photography and she was so wonderful to work with. All the staff including Lisa from Meyers Castle very supportive as well.
Best wishes to Leah and Daniel, and thank you both so much for having us at your wedding day!
And yes, Leah's bling Ugg boots were totally awesome!

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Candice + Sam | 11.27.11 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Hope you all of our friends had a great holiday weekend.
We will treat you with wedding film trailers from two awesome weddings that we captured in November and early December.
Long over due, our most recent wedding film trailer is from Candice and Sam's wedding at Intercontinental Hotel in O'Hare. Hollie and Lindsey from Sweetchic Events was helping us out making sure everything was running smoothly throughout the day+evening! Ethan Yang was capturing great still images, and he was great to work with as well. Enjoy the trailer!

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Erin + Joseph | 10.9.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

One thing that I always feel end of the wedding day is how fortunate we are to be part of beautiful wedding day. Just the fact that we are there, to capture the beginning of a new family means so much to us. We felt even stronger on Erin and Joseph's wedding day. Fall weather was just so amazing to have outdoor ceremony. They set the backdrop of the ceremony with purple and pink sky. Priceless, I'd say. Dance floor was full all evening, people enjoying themselves with some crazy dance moves and laughter. I can do it all over again any given day.
It was great working next to Michele and Andy from Misha Media Photography, and make sure to check out their work here.
Congratulations to Erin and Joseph's one month anniversary (and Erin's birthday tomorrow)!

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Ania + Tom | 10.22.2011 | Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Film

Still craving for big Polish wedding, October 22nd couldn't come earlier. As soon as I woke up from Food coma from Dora and Paul's wedding, now it was time for Tom and Ania's big celebration.
These two love birds are simply adorable and so much in love. Absolutely fall in love with them at first sight.
It was very emotional day at both Ania and Tom's place as they got ready. Ania's voicemail to Tom, and Tom's letter to Ania, heartful blessing from parents of both side, and vows at the church... the list goes on and on.
I can't wait till we start working on reception portion especially since I stayed till end of the reception + additional performance of live band due to high demand from all the guests, it will simply so much fun to edit how the evening went!
It was great working with Glen from Glen Abog Photography and huge props to crew at Venuti's for helping us out with SDE presentation.
Enjoy the Same Day Edit that we played for the couple and guests during the reception, and once again, huge congratulations to Ania and Tom! Thank you for being awesome, you two.
(side note: there is 1 minute of slideshow, then SDE starts right after that)

Jacquelyn + Mike | 10.1.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

1st day of October, what a great start of one of my favorite months of the year. When I stepped into Jacquelyn's room in Palmer House Hilton in downtown, I could feel the energy from excitement of this big day from everyone. Mike surprised Jacquelyn with awesome gift, and she did the same to Mike! Very emotional day had just begun!
They tied the knot at beautiful church 3 blocks from our studio, St. James Cathedral.
After taking great photos around downtown, we went back to Palmer House for reception.
Gold Coast Band of Prism Entertainment was super entertaining for guests, and super helpful and kind to us.
It was great working with Andrew once more from John and Andrew Photography. Check out their website for great photos here .
I can't thank enough Jacquelyn and Mike for having us there to capture their wedding day. Simply beautiful day, and hope you all enjoy the sneak peek!

Allison + David | 9.3.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

"I couldn't ask for anything more". I start with that. The amazing chemistry between the couple, beautiful venue, awesome parents and bridal party, live band, and this wedding even squeezed in some extra H20. Yep. Rain. But it didn't stop anything. Allison and David was not kind of couple that rain could stop from having fun on their wedding day.
Their preparation for the big day was done at the Union League Club in downtown Chicago. The Reception took place at the same location, and Allison's mother played a huge role on decorating this amazing place!!! I was simply blown away by the details!
Dance floor was so full throughout the evening (as you can tell from the trailer!). Thanks to the band "the Front House". I also have to mention that it was great to see two couples that I was part of as a videographer a couple years ago!
The photographer was Oscar from S1 Photography. I can't wait to see some great images from them.
Congratulations to Allison and David!

*Watch this in full screen with HD on for maximum enjoyment!

Dora + Paul | 8.6.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

The wait is over!  Dora and Paul's wedding film trailer from August is finally out, and I do apologize sincerely for the delay.  This truly was one of kind wedding that me and my crew have done so far.  Everyone at the wedding, starting earlier than 8AM till 2AM, knew how to enjoy themselves.
I started around 8:00AM at Dora's house where the table of food and drink (not a "tray" but a big table) was waiting for me and Paul from Freestyle Photo and other guests in the house.
We had several horse carriages and I was riding one with the couple on the way from the church to 1st banquet location, and it was very cool!  The whole wedding was truly awesome experience, and I've never seen that  many drinks and food in one day in my life.
There are so much fun and interesting things throughout the day, and it was very hard to put the trailer together without including too many shots!  I am sure the full film and highlights are gonna be EPIC!
Until then, please enjoy this beautiful and unique wedding that we captured for simply wonderful couple, Dora and Paul!

Shelly + Neel | 8.25-27.2011 | Next/Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Food, music, dance, great people, awesome couple... 3 days in a row. What more can I ask? On top of that, I was able to share what I captured through my eyes with family and friends during the reception on day 3. So here is what my day was like starting Thursday till Saturday midnight. On Thursday, leaving my studio at 5PM, traveled to Chesterton, IN (2 hours with 1 hour of traffic caused by I-90 construction) at Shelly's parent's house for Mehandi night. It was so great to see many familiar faces from Sakshi and Manoj's wedding back in April! It was amazing experience watching mendhi being put on Shelly's arm and leg along with other ladies' hand. Singing and dancing continued throughout the night, and tons of food to eat! We also witnessed one of the cutest 5 year old boy who can dance better than most of us! Gotta see that on the full film! So I left their house around 10:30PM, went to studio, backed up all the files, then went home around 1AM. Woke up next morning, looking through footage from Thursday evening, and edit to start the next/same day edit. Then I left my house around 5PM to go to Downers Grove for Sangeet evening. Again, there were numbers of amazing performance (and some surprises by Neel's mad dance move!) and tons of food. I came back home around 11:30PM, backed up files, took a quick shower, then edited Sangeet portion till 3:30AM.
I woke up at 6AM to be at Westin in Lombard by 8AM to capture Shelly and Neel getting ready for their big day! Weather was just gorgeous which was perfect for baraat outside where Neel was riding on a horse carriage while his family and friends danced their way to entrance of the hotel for the ceremony. The decor and details at the ceremony was simply breathtaking. The beauty of decor continued on to reception! This one, I will make sure to add on the trailer (which will be released right before the DVD release). Those center pieces were the tallest that I've ever seen!
Always great working with Leo from Fragola Productions, and Raja was the DJ who did great job throughout the evening! And thanks to all the planners at the Westin.
So here it is. Hope you all enjoy it, and the biggest thanks to Shelly and Neel! Congratulations, you two!

Liane + Ron | 8.20.2011 | Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Early morning rain always makes nervous on the wedding day. Then again, I had a feeling that it would go away, just like it has been on last several wedding days. While Liane and Ron was getting ready for her wedding day at Hilton, Evanston, it didn't seem that rain was bothering them at all. It was very emotional ceremony from the beginning. We stopped by the park for the photo, and I had so much fun hanging out with bridal party! Andrew from John Andrews Photography was super easy to work with, and highly recommend! Reception was full of emotions and laughter, but I think our slideshow and Same Day Edit added a little bit more to that :-)
Working with Jeff from Tone Productions helped us so much with audio feed for SDE and coordinating the SDE timing. Also I've never seen a DJ like this before. He brought every single guests to the dance floor with ah-mazing(!) dance lesson and crowd control~!!! Best. Ever.
Reaction to our SDE from guests was just overwhelming, and made me realize why I put up with all the stress and obstacles to create a Same Day Edit for the couple and their guests.
See it for yourself.
I also have to thank my crew, Charlie and Eli for helping me throughout the day in various way to make this happen. I am very lucky to have you guys.
Awesome professionals, amazing couple, fun bridal party.. what can I ask for more?
I am a one happy event filmmaker.



Marie+Jeff | 7.22.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer

Earlier morning, dark cloud and heavy rain scared me, but it soon cleared out for Marie and Jeff;s wedding day! It was actually raining so hard, some cars were stopped on the side of the road because we couldn't see the road!!! With a slight delay on my end, I finally got to O'Hare where both Marie and Jeff was getting ready. I could tell Marie was a little bit nervous with schedule and some delays, but she picked up her camera and start taking some photos of people and her wedding jewelry (the 2nd shot from the trailer), I could tell she was getting more excited than nervous. We got to St. Bernardine in Forest Park for the ceremony. We drove around the city after the ceremony with the photographer Ian Dharma (who we worked with during Jenny and Leju's wedding last year!). I was able to capture very candid moments with Marie and Jeff, and I could see how much they are in love and happy to tie the knot!
Great day continued on back at the Holiday Inn top floor. Jeff's mother gave a very emotional speech which brought many people to tears. But soon after, she revealed some funny incidents of Jeff when he was younger :-)
Dance floor was full throughout the evening, and I have thank Maria and Jeff for such a wonderful day for us to be part of.
Congratulations, you two!!!
(photo booth with the couple!--> here!)

Erika + Kevin | 7.9.2011| Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

I am always nervous when I have not met the bride or groom before the wedding day, which is rare but still happens. However, I knew from emails and phone conversations with Erika, I knew she was an easy-going, laid-back person. Once I started shooting the preparation, I learned one more thing about her; FUN! She never stopped smiling and laughing (thanks to bridesmaids, and her mom) while she was getting ready, and those laughter continued onto reception.
I also want to mention that we got the biggest help from Chrissy from Big City Bride and her crew. Having professional wedding planners makes everything go so much smoother throughout the day!!!
Great working with Nick from Gerber and Scarpelli. DJ was Kristin from Toast+Jam, and thanks for all the help with audio feed!
Erika travels all around the world, so I hope Kevin and she will catch this awesome trailer in UK!

Jestene + Michael | 7.16.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer

I've known Michael since 2007. Michael's family was one of the first family that we got to know when my family moved from Boston a few years back. So needless to say, it meant a lot to me that I was there to celebrate his wedding with our lovely bride, Jestene. Weather was gorgeous throughout out the day, which helped me and Joshua tremendously for capturing beautiful images around downtown. And thanks to Joshua for introducing me to Jane Adams park. Absolutely beautiful location for photo shoots. Joshua and his crew from Joshua Albanese Photography was super easy and fun to work with. and I'd highly recommend him.
Also Jestene and Michael had something very unique at the reception. Instead of guests signing book, they had a board with their name and a tree painted where guests can make thumb prints with a little message next to it. I thought it was very cute and unique.
And how can we forget about the sweets table with amazing taste of snacks, which, by the way, was done by a company owned by Joshua's family!!
I couldn't be any happier being there for Michael and Jestene to celebrate their beginning of new capter.
Congratulations, guys!
(photobooth fun with the couple --> here!)

Rosa + Giacomo | 7.2.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

We started our July 4th weekend with Rosa and Giacomo’s wedding on Saturday, the 2nd. We united with Albert and Mike from SecondPrint Production once again to capture this amazing wedding. We received such a warm welcoming from Rosa’s family and friends at their place with a little brown bag that had all kinds of goodies (which was so nice of you guys!) Rosa’s dress and jewelries were absolutely gorgeous (one of the coolest shoes, ever), and Giacomo looked at his best! We walked into Queen of All Saints Basilica, and it was simply breathtaking. It was very emotional during the vows and ring exchange, and everyone was able to tell how happy they were to tie the knot. We moved onto Cantingy Park in Wheaton for the photo session, and I believe we set the record of number of bridal party with 24 people! The reception was held at Venuti’s in Addison, and the dance floor was filled with guests dancing and having so much fun. It was great to see Rosa and Giacomo having great time on the dance floor, too. Rosa and Giacomo made our work so much more enjoyable, and we felt so blessed to be part of such a great wedding. Huge congratulations to beautiful bride and handsome groom, Rosa and Giacomo!

Terri + Casey | 6.25.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

I will just go ahead and say it. I’ve seen only a few couple that could have “this much” fun during their wedding day. Orange Wedding Films has been lucky to be part of countless fun weddings, but Terri and Casey really showed how it gets done! They even hooked me on LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem that I’ve been shuffling listening to it everyday to start my day. It was our first time shooting at Prairie Productions, and lighting was absolutely beautiful to capture a wedding. Their decoration for ceremony and reception was simple yet gorgeous. Ceremony was fun with humor of the officiant and a reading by Casey’s uncle, and beautiful singing by Terri’s sister during unity candle ceremony. We also played their “love story” during the reception, and it was a great opportunity to share how Terri and Casey got to where they were. I strongly recommend all our friends to take a look at their a cute + wonderful story.
Photo was done by Michael from Prairie Productions, and DJ was Jerry Cook from Transcendance. Hair was done by Gina from GlamHairUs

Here is their trailer and Love Story. Congratulations to Terri and Casey, and huge thanks to their love and support to us.

Erin + Mike | 6.18.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Lake Geneva. One of my dream locations to capture a wedding, and my dream came true on June 18th. Charlie and I drove up in the morning, enjoying the longer than usual wedding day, and getting excited about Erin and Mike’s wedding. Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva is a very special place for them, and it was their dream to get married there. So that makes two of us, right? (or four..?)
I took my wife and kids to Lake Geneva for impulsive day off trip, and I absolutely fell in love with this place (you can watch the video here).
When Charlie and I walked into the salon where Erin and her friends were getting pampered, Erin was shouting at everyone saying “hey, everyone, this is JJ!!!” It certainly was one of the biggest welcome that we received. That pretty much set the tone of the day, and we were feeling nothing but love. At the hotel room, Erin set a small statue of Maria on the corner of table facing east for praying not to rain that day. Someone heard the prayer and answered right back with beautiful weather. They wrote their own vows that allowed us to learn a lot about their love. Very emotional and beautiful for sure. Everywhere we look was photogenic and I was like a little kid in the candy store with shooting details and the couple.
Reception was full of emotional speeches and fun ones, too. Dance floor was packed all night, and thanks to Mike from MDM Entertainment doing great job. Photo was done by Reuben from Fred Fox and he was great to work once more.
I want to also give a special thanks to Marlene from Grand Geneva Resort who was really sweet to the couple and vendors that day. I could tell she was more than a venue manager, but more like a friend.
Enjoy the trailer, and congratulations to Erin and Mike!

Erin + Mike | 6.18.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films from Orange Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Jennifer + Nick | 6.11.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

My definition of Jennifer and Nick is “adorable”. Yes, they are beyond “cute”. When I asked them to be candid and be themselves during the photo session, they never stopped saying, “I love you” along with lots of hugs and kisses. I had to simply stand there and capture just the way they are. The church they got married was architected by Jennifer’s grandfather. I have never seen any church like that; clean dome shaped ceiling with so much beautiful details throughout the hall - breathtaking! Their reception was at CafĂ© La Cave. I believe that I witnessed one of the best + coolest father-daughter dance in my career. They also had a slideshow created by one of their dear friends that brought many to smiles and tears.
Photo was done by Dave Suarez and DJ was Efrain "Cuco" Pagan.
Thanks to Jennifer and Nick once again for wonderful wedding for us to capture and to be part of. We love what we do because of couples like you two. Congratulations!

Christina + Josh | 6.10.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

There is nothing better than seeing familiar faces during the wedding day. There are 3 other couples that we were happy to be part of their wedding day of 4th couple, Christine and Josh. They found us by Esther (matron and honor) and David’s wedding two years back when Christina was Esther’s maid of honor. They told me during final meeting 2 weeks before the wedding that there will be many cool little details during the wedding day including basketball for guest singing, mini-Tobasco sauce bottle for table number among others. I myself am a big basketball fan, so I thought it was such a cool idea to add some taste from groom side! We did their first look at the bridge in Naperville downtown park along with photo session. The sky helped us again with just right amount of cloud with no rain at all.
During ceremony, Josh seemed to hold himself quite well until he and Christina gave flowers and big hugs to each set of parents. I could hear many people sniffing and see many people wiping their tears. During the reception, they played the music video (created by MC, acting by the couple) which was absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Dance floor was full of awesome dancers including some b-boy action. I can’t wait to hang out with these friends again for next occasion.
It was awesome working with one of our all time favorite photographers, Albert and Mike from SecondPrint Productions. DJ was from Spinning Disc who played great songs for crowd to keep dancing on the floor.
Big congratulations and hugs to Christina and Josh (and their awesome friends!)

Tiffany+Eric | 6.4.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

We have been so blessed to capture so many blissful weddings this year, and we have done 12 so far. Tiffany and Eric's wedding was one of weddings that we realize once again why we do what we do. I just love the fact that our crew (including myself) was welcomed with such warm hearts and hugs, treated such from the beginning to end. When you see beautiful people, you wonder if they are beautiful inside as well. It sure was the case on this wedding. To be honest, I was intimated by Eric's height and fashion, but I soon learned that he is a down to earth guy with the warmest heart that comforted everyone around him (and he was quite goofy, LOL!).
I wish I can share more from their wedding, but y'all got to wait for highlights and full film!
It was great working with Sarah and Ryan from Miller + Miller Photography and make sure to check out their amazing images.
It was pleasure once again to see Grace from Vale of Enna and be sure to stop by her blog to see her amazing work.
Anthony from Liven It Up Event was one hell of planner to work with. He made everything so much easier and smoother. Big thanks to Anthony for working so hard!
Congratulations to Tiffany and Eric. We miss you guys!

{Ingredients for Tiffany and Eric's wedding}
DJ: Al Okyne website
Ceremony + Reception Venue: Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel
Decor: Art of Imagination website
Bridal Dress & Veil Designer: Winnie Couture~ Beverly Hills, CA
Flowergirl Dress & Shoes: Amazing Gracie's~ South Barrington, IL
Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Jewelry Bride: Tiffany's & Bloomingdales (switched earrings)
Jewelry Bridesmaids: Tigerlilly Jewelry
Hair Accessories Bride & Flowergirl: Tigerlilly Jewelry (Hair Flower-ceremony Feathers/Brooch-reception)
Bridesmaids Shoes: Caparros
Bridesmaids Dress: Priscilla of Boston
Tuxedos: Formally Modern Tuxedo
Caterer: Renaissance Chef
Cocktail Napkins: Betsy White Stationary Boutique http://www.betsywhite.com
Ribbon Wands (Black & Ivory): http://www.etsy.com

Michelle+Ken | 5.22.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

It's always blessing to capture such a fun wedding with wonderful crew from SecondPrint Produtions. Makeup was done by fabulous crew from Sonia Roselli! Michelle and Ken said "I DO" on May 21st, and it was so much fun from start to end. Their tricks and games on grooms before Ken was allowed to see Michelle was one of the most bizarre and funny (from us, at least). Games that they played during reception was too funny I had to hold my camera steady from my laughing so hard. All have to wait for full film to watch the games, though, but here is the sneak peak from their wedding! Congratulations to Michelle and Ken. Thanks again so much for wonderful event!

Nikki+Matt | 5.21.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Nikki and Matt's wedding was very special to me personally in many ways. Not only because they are straight up cool, but I've already shot two of her bridesmaids' wedding (i wish it was 3, but we are booked for 3rd friend...) and they are simply one of the nicest+kindest yet most exciting couple that we've worked with so far. Nikki and Matt really love what we do, and we are more than happy to be part of their wedding. The day was so much fun and beautiful in every way.
They had their ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral (one of the most beautiful churches in downtown), and celebrated at Crystal Garden at Navy Pier. I know they are exciting and fun driven couple, and knowing what kind of music Nikki likes, i was focusing too much on hip and cool music for the trailer(knowing how important music for the trailer which directly governs storytelling). After 4 hours of music searching, I took a break, and decided to look at the footage before I went further with the edit. Then I remembered Matt's father giving a speech with a poem that he wrote. I found the perfect voice-over for the trailer. I cut the parts that I wanted to use, and played the music on the background (one of my all-time fav soundtrack), and music fit right in even before I edited the music accordingly. I went full speed with edit, and here it is. This trailer opened my eyes once more how important it is to create a trailer with unique story instead of just eye popping shots, and, me and Mrs.Orange really loved how it came out.
From the glimpse of party bus shot, you can tell how much fun we had that day (from the start till the end!), and I hope this trailer can tell you a glimpse of how awesome their wedding day was.
Big congratulations to Nikki and Matt. We miss you guys already. And of course missing Scott+Eileen, Nicole+Dereck a lot, too!!!

Awesome images taken by Kevin Weinstein and Chadd Foy from Kevin Weinstein Photography, and you can check out his great photos from this wedding here --> Kevin Weinstein Photogrphy. I worked with Kevin and Chad again following week for another wedding, but unfortunately, we won't be able to share that one...
Makeup and hair was done by crew of Sonia Roselli, one of our favorite vendor of all time!

Again, sit back and enjoy this trailer from a beautiful wedding of Nikki and Matt.


Amy + Irakli | 4.30.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

On April 30th, Orange Wedding Films crew and Fragola Productions collaborate 3rd time in one month to capture this wonderful couple, Amy and Irakil.
It was our first time capturing Georgian wedding and reception, and I have to say that it was unique and cool in every way. Food at the reception was nothing like what we had had before, and it kept coming out till we left!
We always love when we capture the couple so much in love finally being husband and wife.
Thanks so much to Amy + Irakli for great wedding, and taking a good care of us.

Our new feature - "Short Film"

Orange Wedding Films has added a new feature called "Short Film Package" for rest of 2011 inquiries (1 spot left) as well as 2012 weddings.
My wife, Mrs.Orange, and I have been a big fan of short film format wedding films because "storytelling" is the main ingredient of short film, and it is not that easy to do.
When 4-5 minutes highlight film feels too short and 1.5 hour full film (with full ceremony + reception) feels too long, our new short film may be perfect to share with families and friends, or watch on your anniversaries. I expect the short films to be anywhere from 10-15 minutes, but it may vary depending how much we capture throughout the day.
Short Film can be added as a la carte for 2011 weddings that are booked already. Please contact me for more info on that.
My wife did most of editing on this one, and all I can say is I am extremely proud of her. Also let's not forget to thank the couple, Lori and Ross (and families and friends) for unforgettable + amazing wedding for us to be part of.

And here is their trailer

Read more about their wedding details here

Laura + Brian | 5.14.2011 | Same Day Edit

Same Day Edit to me is very special because I know it will be even more special for the couple and all the guests at the wedding. It's not an easy process, I must say, but I love pushing the limit to create something great for people to share what happened earlier in the same day.
When Laura and Brian stopped by our studio last week to confirm final details of their wedding day, I knew it was going to be a fun wedding with people with warm hearts.
The day started with a little bit of rain, but not too much at all, but in the face of Laura and her friends and family, I could see nothing but smile and laughter. When Laura was walking down the aisle, I could see Brian biting his lips and his emotion through my LCD. The priest at the church was super cool (and very funny!) which always helps us capture the beautiful ceremony.
Reception was held at Cafe la Cave, and the staff treated all the vendors so well.
Followed by slide show that Laura and Brian created, we premiered the Same Day Edit, and for the first time, I actually looked away to see how the couple and their parents (+grand parents) reacted the SDE, and all I can say is, they reminded me why we do what we do.
Photography was done by Jenn and Jacque from Jennifer Kathryn Photography and DJ was Duke Shin from one of my favorite DJ service from Style Matters

Enjoy the Same Day Edit, and congratulations to Laura + Brian!

Anisa + Jawed | 4.7 - 4.10 | Wedding Film Trailer

Anisa and Jawed celebrated their wedding throughout 4 days of amazing events. We were fortunate to be part of all of those days, and can not wait to put this full film together.
We also worked with Anisa and Jawed to produce a short (and load of fun) video to show to guests during reception, and every time we spent time together, we had so much fun. Anisa has 2 sisters and Jawed has 2 brothers, and they treated me and my wife (and my crew) like a family which is always extremely thankful. The video will be added to the blog post later today, so stay tuned. There were countless great moments, and it was tough for me to make a short trailer to represent all of those, but hope everyone can get a glimpse of them.
Also props to Z from Z Molu Photography all the way from Canada! His slideshow got mad props from the couple and guests during the reception! His work is amazing. Come check it out here

Zacuto EVF Beta Testing

Zacuto EVF

I am very happy that I got to beta test the new Zacuto EVF, and had opportunity to use it while I was shooting a wedding past weekend.
I always wanted better options for using DSLR’s for shooting weddings. I bought a couple of different monitors, and have been using Z-Finder exclusively since Day 1.
Now with Zacuto EVF, not only could I focus, set the exposure more accurately, it also allowed me to get some challenging angles that were not possible with my Canon 7D. . With purchase of Canon 60D last year, I thought I would not need any monitors or EVF because of swivel LCD, but EVF takes beyond what swivel LCD on the camera can do, which I will share more later.

First, here is what’s included in the box of the “Zacuto EVF Flip”. The box contains EVF unit with dust cover, LP-E6 Compatible Li-ion battery and a charger, swivel standard HDMI to mini-HDMI cable, ¼” 20 hotshoe mount, carrying pouch, lens cloth, and user manual. I just got the EVF Flip because I already own a Z-Finder. The price? $775. With Z-Finder EVF Pro, includes the flip EVF and Z-Finder 2.5x Pro),it’s listed at $1000. EVF Snap is listed at $675 ($805 with Z-Finder Jr.). Zacuto is known for its higher range on the price, but to be honest, I strongly believe these prices are very reasonable for the features and quality of the EVF. I won’t pick the specific model/make, but go ahead and research decent monitors (5”, 7”) with what Zacuto EVF offers, and how many options you have out there. After you read what this thing can do, you will understand where I am coming from.

First of all, as many of you saw the video, it can be dropped from 12ft and survive the shock. Its design reminds me of the RED camera, rugged corners, muscle looking exterior, and sure enough, it’s built to last.
It has a 3.2” LCD Display that’s so clear and crisp. You can compare side to side with on-camera LCD and you will see the difference. You won't be seeing those pixels through Z-finder. I am looking forward to calibrate the monitor via brightness, contrast, and chroma (saturation, red, green, and blue), so it looks closer to actual footage for the best results. It also has color bars for calibration with “blue only” display as well as monochrome.
Its resolution is 800x480 with image scaling. Now this is huge; No matter what your DSLR output you can manually scale them to meet your eyes’ pleasure via scaling up, down, position left, right, up and down, or position center. It will also show you the scaling like RV, AV, V scale, V pan, FL scale, and FL pan to be super accurate. It also has preset for 9 different DSLR cameras out there along with 4 manual preset that you can save for your own.I did preset 1 for 7D full screen, preset 2 for 7D with info, and preset 3 for 60D.
It has HDMI loop through which is also a great feature and I can’t wait to put this in real test with my other monitor. HDMI outlets are screwed into the body, so it won’t wiggle around like other monitors.
One of the biggest features on the Zacuto EVF is focus assist via peaking-3 different levels-and exposure assist (2 different levels of zebra that can be set manually). With pixel to pixel enable DURING the recording, this will help tremendously for achieving accurate focus. You can also flip the image for your shooting style.
There is also frame lines for 5 different frames (picture below) along with center cross and grid. Anamorphic correction is also available which will come handy for filmmakersAll those functions mentioned above can be set in a touch of button with 3 preset buttons (F1, F2, and F3). The EVF also has USB port, so in case of any firmware updates from Zacuto- you will easily be able to stay current on the features.
So how does all things above help me make better product? I personally shoot a lot of weddings myself, and some non-profit events along with interviews. When I shoot weddings or other events, time for setup and adjustments is very limited (referred as “run-N-gun” style). When I was looking to add gear tofor better viewing options on DSLRs, here are thethings that mattered the most to me; 1. LCD quality, 2. Durability, 3. Reliability, and 4. Price. Zacuto EVF meets all of those, and on top of that, the people at the Zacuto are just great to work with. They will listen to your needs and opinion about the product, and will do their best to improve the quality.
So back to my usage of this EVF during the wedding; I used it for a two day Indian wedding which included 4 hours of non stop shooting in the evening, and 15 hours of shooting the next day with a Same-Day-Edit lined up for viewing during the reception. One of things that impressed me the most was battery life. To be fair, I only used the battery that came with EVF, and it lasted all day long. On the 1st night, I was using it the whole 4 hours, and the battery still had a full bar. I, of course, recharged it overnight for next day usage, and it still had 3 bars at the end of the night. I used it during 1.5 hour ceremony, 45 minutes outside celebrations, and 3 hours of non-stop reception (plus 1 hr of open dance). I was very glad that I didn’t have to worry about the battery while I changed camera batteries for more than 5 times, and twice for H4N sound recorder.(full batteries both time). If you use 5D, 7D or 60D, you have same batteries anyway, so that’s one less thing to worry about.
Booting time is very fast, too (a lot faster than my H4N) which is very important for me. With Z-Finder Pro 2.5x, the image was very clear to my eyes, when I was using 100mm 2.0 during some performance first night, I had no problem with having sharp focus under low light situation.
Swivel HDMI cable is another “small” thing with a big advantage. I usually have two wireless receivershooked up to H4N along with headphones and VideoMic attached to the camera on my cage during the wedding ceremony and reception. So you can imagine all the cables going around the camera, with the swivel HDMI cable, I can either tuck it in or run it around other cables to save the hassle of tangled cables.

I personally shoot in many different ways throughout a 10-12 hour wedding day; low angle with slider, higher angle during dance, small space in the limo, etc. With the EVF angling pretty much any directions and positions out there, I was able to do some creative shots. Some awkward positions, like sitting on the floor for 20 minutes (picture below), I was comfortable shooting handheld with focus right on moving subjects.

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about the Zacuto EVF. As an event filmmaker, DSLR’shas given me so much more ways to create beautiful images for our wedding couples. However, as we all know, DSLR cameras has their disadvantages as a video camera, and products like Zacuto EVF can make things a lot easier around those critical disadvantages.

PS. One more thing. People from Zacuto understand the industry. If you have unique project or setup for certain shoots, ask them for recommendation or suggestion. They will work with you and get you the best setup to accommodate with your need. Oh, and did I mention that most of their product have a lifetime guarantee?

TO SEE More photos, please visit my Facebook Q&A Page here


Sakshi + Manoj | 4.23.2011 | Same Day Edit

The first same day edit of the year was done for Sakshi and Manoj's one unforgettable wedding! We did mixed some Sangeet footage from Friday to share some of the amazing performance and fun we all had the day before. Wedding day was full of great moments as well, and we were just so happy that we were able to share with the couple, family and friends during the reception.
It was projected on two 10ft screens on each side of the room, and we had many compliments and kind words from guests about the same day edit.
Photo was done by Leo from Fragola Productions, flowers were created by Yanni and DJ Raja rocked the evening.
Thanks to Sakshi and Manoj for taking a great care of us throughout the day, and I wish them the best! Congratulations!

Nimol + Tom | 4.2.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer

The very first wedding of the year has been posted! Yes. It's been too long since the last wedding, right?
I was very excited to be part of such a wonderful wedding as wedding #1 of 2011.
Nimol and Tom got ready and had their wedding reception at Intercontinental Hotel in Rosemont.
It was pleasure working with Leo from Fragola Productions (by the way, will be shooting with him this weekend AND next weekend). Check out great photos from his blog as well here.
Beautiful flowers and table setup was done talented Grace from Vale of Enna
Sit back and enjoy!

Featured Columnist on Zacuto

I was very fortunate to be asked by Zacuto to be their featured columnist.
I am usually afraid of writing a long article since English is not my 1st language, however, I am so for sharing what I believe to help the community of filmmakers.
So here it is!


Rozmin and Eboo | Love Story Film

I feel like this couple's family became more like family and friends to us. I was very bummed out that I missed their wedding, but you can all see the amazing images by Z (from Z Molu Photography shootmywedding.ca/)

This was shown during their reception, and I can only wish I was there to see the reaction of everyone.

Congratulations, Rozmin and Eboo!!!

March of Dimes "Signature Chef Auction"

We are so grateful to work with such a great non-profit organization like March of Dimes. Orange Video Productions work with them 2-3 times every year for their charity events, and one of my favorite ones to shoot is this "Signature Chef Auction". Not only because of awesome food that they made on the spot, but more because of people's smile and willing to help for a good cause during the event. I was happy to see that most of footage was shot by us in Chicago, and the editor at March of Dimes did fabulous job putting them together. We will be working with them again in April, and hopefully another Chef Auction in later this year!
Enjoy! (in 1080P)


GUIDELINE for better wedding film (the difference that YOU can make!)

While I was working on new info packet for 2011 weddings, I decided to add some of guidelines that the couples can follow to help us make a better wedding film for them. After all, the wedding film belongs to the couple, and I want the best quality film for each of them. And they can HELP! Big Time!
So, here they are...

GUIDELINE for a better wedding film (the difference that YOU can make!)

1. Let your family and friends know that there will be cinematographers throughout the day to capture candid moments. Tell them we are not another “videographer” but more of a filmmaker, and have them visit our website to see how we make wedding films.
2. Tell your friends and families to enjoy the ceremony as "a guest" not a reporter from Facebook or photographer. I can't emphasize enough about this because quite frankly, there were several occasions where our beautiful shots were blocked because guests stopped onto the center aisle to take their own photos. Some couples have put message on their program about this matter. It will take one line to write "Please enjoy our ceremony without your portable camera or smartphone" or something similar along that line.
3. When your makeup artist comes to your location, set up the table where there is plenty of daylight instead of under artificial lights (tungsten, florescent). Try to avoid basement location.
4. Avoid chewing gum at all cost. This goes for everyone in the bridal party and close family members.
5. Turn down the music while you are getting ready… I understand that some high-energy music can make you even more excited about your wedding day, but we won’t be able to capture some memorable natural sound.
6. Have some cushion time (30-45 extra minutes between moving locations or events). This will ensure that we capture every moments until very end without rushing out to get to the next location on time.
7. Notify the person who will be conducting your ceremony about our microphone AHEAD OF TIME (meaning days, weeks before the wedding day). We would love to capture their wonderful words at its best quality possible for “your” film (emphasis on “your” film). Most of them are used to wearing a small wireless mic anyway. We would be very happy if they can wear one extra just for you.
8. When you read or say your vow, make it heard, make it count. Don’t be shy! It’s your stage, you are the center of attention today!☺
9. When you light the unity candle, make sure to have some space between you two. Not only we like to capture the moment, but your guests would love to see it, too. Same goes for the ring exchange. Hold the ring with your thumb and index fingers and fold the rest of fingers inward, so people can see the ring.
10. Last but not least…. ENJOY IT! SMILE! BE HAPPY! There is nothing worse than capturing a frowning face of yours because of weather, or delayed flower delivery, or mean hotel staff… Let nothing get in your way to have amazing wedding day!!! We can not modify the facial expression on editing process, you know…

There are more, I am sure, but the couple have enough on their mind before/during the wedding day.
But here is my reason for above guidelines: You can expect what your wedding dress, cake, table decoration, etc is going to be like before the wedding day. You probably have very specific details and requirement for those things. Photo and Films, we don't know how the final wedding film is going to be like until after the wedding day. It's really up to how things are throughout the day, and the couple (and their family and friends) can, yes, CAN make the difference by paying (tiny bit) more attention to what we do. That is why I strongly recommend that couples introduce their wedding filmmaker/cinematographer's work via their website to family and friends.

Hope this helps both couples and fellow event filmmakers, and I CANNOT wait to start our 2011 wedding season!!!



Orange Wedding Films got voted one of Top 25 The Hottest and Most Influential Event Filmmakers in the world.

We are extremely excited to announce that Orange Wedding Films has been voted for Event DV Top 25 - hottest and most influential event filmmaking studios in the world as elected by the readers of EventDV Magazine and EventDV.net.
i personally would like to thank all our brides+grooms and their friends and family for having us at their weddings. Without their support and love, we could've never been able to achieve this amazing recognition.
We will only work harder and push forward to bring the best wedding films possible to cherish for your lifetime.
Thank you all so much.



The Knot TV - Chicago ON AIR! (shot by Orange Wedding Films)

We are very excited to share something very special we did with one of the largest bridal magazine/website in the nation, "The Knot"
Last year, we filmed footage of top vendors around downtown Chicago along Melissa from Simply Perfect by Melissa
Please scroll down the page of the link below until you see "The Knot TV -on demand".
I wished they got our name right, though (Orange Productions?).
In case we didn't announce on the blog, we also won "The best of weddings 2011" award from the Knot not long ago. I have to thank all the couples and their families and friends for helping us where we are now.

*Update: Orange Wedding Films also won the "Bride's Choice Awards" from Wedding Wire!

Click here to see the videos!!!

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2011 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners & More


Megan + Alec Same Day Edit

I hope everyone had awesome holiday season, and wish happy great new year 2011 to all our friends!
I apologize for the delay on posting this awesome piece. This is the last wedding that we capture in 2010. What a grand finale with a same day edit!
Megan and Alec is very much in love and sweet couple, and we could not have asked a better couple to finish up such an amazing year for Orange Wedding Films.
The ceremony was very unique because Megan's father was conducting the ceremony after he walked Megan down the aisle. We managed the slideshow that was created by Alec which was perfect bridge to our surprise same day edit for the couple and their families and friends. The dance floor was crowded throughout the whole night, and it was snowing so beautifully in the middle of night.
Enjoy the same day edit from Megan and Alec's wedding day!