GUIDELINE for better wedding film (the difference that YOU can make!)

While I was working on new info packet for 2011 weddings, I decided to add some of guidelines that the couples can follow to help us make a better wedding film for them. After all, the wedding film belongs to the couple, and I want the best quality film for each of them. And they can HELP! Big Time!
So, here they are...

GUIDELINE for a better wedding film (the difference that YOU can make!)

1. Let your family and friends know that there will be cinematographers throughout the day to capture candid moments. Tell them we are not another “videographer” but more of a filmmaker, and have them visit our website to see how we make wedding films.
2. Tell your friends and families to enjoy the ceremony as "a guest" not a reporter from Facebook or photographer. I can't emphasize enough about this because quite frankly, there were several occasions where our beautiful shots were blocked because guests stopped onto the center aisle to take their own photos. Some couples have put message on their program about this matter. It will take one line to write "Please enjoy our ceremony without your portable camera or smartphone" or something similar along that line.
3. When your makeup artist comes to your location, set up the table where there is plenty of daylight instead of under artificial lights (tungsten, florescent). Try to avoid basement location.
4. Avoid chewing gum at all cost. This goes for everyone in the bridal party and close family members.
5. Turn down the music while you are getting ready… I understand that some high-energy music can make you even more excited about your wedding day, but we won’t be able to capture some memorable natural sound.
6. Have some cushion time (30-45 extra minutes between moving locations or events). This will ensure that we capture every moments until very end without rushing out to get to the next location on time.
7. Notify the person who will be conducting your ceremony about our microphone AHEAD OF TIME (meaning days, weeks before the wedding day). We would love to capture their wonderful words at its best quality possible for “your” film (emphasis on “your” film). Most of them are used to wearing a small wireless mic anyway. We would be very happy if they can wear one extra just for you.
8. When you read or say your vow, make it heard, make it count. Don’t be shy! It’s your stage, you are the center of attention today!☺
9. When you light the unity candle, make sure to have some space between you two. Not only we like to capture the moment, but your guests would love to see it, too. Same goes for the ring exchange. Hold the ring with your thumb and index fingers and fold the rest of fingers inward, so people can see the ring.
10. Last but not least…. ENJOY IT! SMILE! BE HAPPY! There is nothing worse than capturing a frowning face of yours because of weather, or delayed flower delivery, or mean hotel staff… Let nothing get in your way to have amazing wedding day!!! We can not modify the facial expression on editing process, you know…

There are more, I am sure, but the couple have enough on their mind before/during the wedding day.
But here is my reason for above guidelines: You can expect what your wedding dress, cake, table decoration, etc is going to be like before the wedding day. You probably have very specific details and requirement for those things. Photo and Films, we don't know how the final wedding film is going to be like until after the wedding day. It's really up to how things are throughout the day, and the couple (and their family and friends) can, yes, CAN make the difference by paying (tiny bit) more attention to what we do. That is why I strongly recommend that couples introduce their wedding filmmaker/cinematographer's work via their website to family and friends.

Hope this helps both couples and fellow event filmmakers, and I CANNOT wait to start our 2011 wedding season!!!




Maddy Joy said...

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Kraig Adams said...

Thanks for the great post. I'm a student film maker that is just starting out in the event videography business. I'm good friends with Meg Simone. I hope you don't mind but I took some of the advice from this post and used it on my website. Thanks!

Matt Davis said...

JJ!!!!!!! Spot on.

Beth Oslander said...

I especially like the ring finger suggestion JJ. It is definitely in the little things that make the big difference!