March of Dimes "Signature Chef Auction"

We are so grateful to work with such a great non-profit organization like March of Dimes. Orange Video Productions work with them 2-3 times every year for their charity events, and one of my favorite ones to shoot is this "Signature Chef Auction". Not only because of awesome food that they made on the spot, but more because of people's smile and willing to help for a good cause during the event. I was happy to see that most of footage was shot by us in Chicago, and the editor at March of Dimes did fabulous job putting them together. We will be working with them again in April, and hopefully another Chef Auction in later this year!
Enjoy! (in 1080P)


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JWL said...

That's making me real hungry! Looks like a fantastic event. Great work JJ! Would love to know where I can find that 1st song.