Our new feature - "Short Film"

Orange Wedding Films has added a new feature called "Short Film Package" for rest of 2011 inquiries (1 spot left) as well as 2012 weddings.
My wife, Mrs.Orange, and I have been a big fan of short film format wedding films because "storytelling" is the main ingredient of short film, and it is not that easy to do.
When 4-5 minutes highlight film feels too short and 1.5 hour full film (with full ceremony + reception) feels too long, our new short film may be perfect to share with families and friends, or watch on your anniversaries. I expect the short films to be anywhere from 10-15 minutes, but it may vary depending how much we capture throughout the day.
Short Film can be added as a la carte for 2011 weddings that are booked already. Please contact me for more info on that.
My wife did most of editing on this one, and all I can say is I am extremely proud of her. Also let's not forget to thank the couple, Lori and Ross (and families and friends) for unforgettable + amazing wedding for us to be part of.

And here is their trailer

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