Rosa + Giacomo | 7.2.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

We started our July 4th weekend with Rosa and Giacomo’s wedding on Saturday, the 2nd. We united with Albert and Mike from SecondPrint Production once again to capture this amazing wedding. We received such a warm welcoming from Rosa’s family and friends at their place with a little brown bag that had all kinds of goodies (which was so nice of you guys!) Rosa’s dress and jewelries were absolutely gorgeous (one of the coolest shoes, ever), and Giacomo looked at his best! We walked into Queen of All Saints Basilica, and it was simply breathtaking. It was very emotional during the vows and ring exchange, and everyone was able to tell how happy they were to tie the knot. We moved onto Cantingy Park in Wheaton for the photo session, and I believe we set the record of number of bridal party with 24 people! The reception was held at Venuti’s in Addison, and the dance floor was filled with guests dancing and having so much fun. It was great to see Rosa and Giacomo having great time on the dance floor, too. Rosa and Giacomo made our work so much more enjoyable, and we felt so blessed to be part of such a great wedding. Huge congratulations to beautiful bride and handsome groom, Rosa and Giacomo!

Terri + Casey | 6.25.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

I will just go ahead and say it. I’ve seen only a few couple that could have “this much” fun during their wedding day. Orange Wedding Films has been lucky to be part of countless fun weddings, but Terri and Casey really showed how it gets done! They even hooked me on LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem that I’ve been shuffling listening to it everyday to start my day. It was our first time shooting at Prairie Productions, and lighting was absolutely beautiful to capture a wedding. Their decoration for ceremony and reception was simple yet gorgeous. Ceremony was fun with humor of the officiant and a reading by Casey’s uncle, and beautiful singing by Terri’s sister during unity candle ceremony. We also played their “love story” during the reception, and it was a great opportunity to share how Terri and Casey got to where they were. I strongly recommend all our friends to take a look at their a cute + wonderful story.
Photo was done by Michael from Prairie Productions, and DJ was Jerry Cook from Transcendance. Hair was done by Gina from GlamHairUs

Here is their trailer and Love Story. Congratulations to Terri and Casey, and huge thanks to their love and support to us.

Erin + Mike | 6.18.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Lake Geneva. One of my dream locations to capture a wedding, and my dream came true on June 18th. Charlie and I drove up in the morning, enjoying the longer than usual wedding day, and getting excited about Erin and Mike’s wedding. Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva is a very special place for them, and it was their dream to get married there. So that makes two of us, right? (or four..?)
I took my wife and kids to Lake Geneva for impulsive day off trip, and I absolutely fell in love with this place (you can watch the video here).
When Charlie and I walked into the salon where Erin and her friends were getting pampered, Erin was shouting at everyone saying “hey, everyone, this is JJ!!!” It certainly was one of the biggest welcome that we received. That pretty much set the tone of the day, and we were feeling nothing but love. At the hotel room, Erin set a small statue of Maria on the corner of table facing east for praying not to rain that day. Someone heard the prayer and answered right back with beautiful weather. They wrote their own vows that allowed us to learn a lot about their love. Very emotional and beautiful for sure. Everywhere we look was photogenic and I was like a little kid in the candy store with shooting details and the couple.
Reception was full of emotional speeches and fun ones, too. Dance floor was packed all night, and thanks to Mike from MDM Entertainment doing great job. Photo was done by Reuben from Fred Fox and he was great to work once more.
I want to also give a special thanks to Marlene from Grand Geneva Resort who was really sweet to the couple and vendors that day. I could tell she was more than a venue manager, but more like a friend.
Enjoy the trailer, and congratulations to Erin and Mike!

Erin + Mike | 6.18.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films from Orange Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Jennifer + Nick | 6.11.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

My definition of Jennifer and Nick is “adorable”. Yes, they are beyond “cute”. When I asked them to be candid and be themselves during the photo session, they never stopped saying, “I love you” along with lots of hugs and kisses. I had to simply stand there and capture just the way they are. The church they got married was architected by Jennifer’s grandfather. I have never seen any church like that; clean dome shaped ceiling with so much beautiful details throughout the hall - breathtaking! Their reception was at CafĂ© La Cave. I believe that I witnessed one of the best + coolest father-daughter dance in my career. They also had a slideshow created by one of their dear friends that brought many to smiles and tears.
Photo was done by Dave Suarez and DJ was Efrain "Cuco" Pagan.
Thanks to Jennifer and Nick once again for wonderful wedding for us to capture and to be part of. We love what we do because of couples like you two. Congratulations!

Christina + Josh | 6.10.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

There is nothing better than seeing familiar faces during the wedding day. There are 3 other couples that we were happy to be part of their wedding day of 4th couple, Christine and Josh. They found us by Esther (matron and honor) and David’s wedding two years back when Christina was Esther’s maid of honor. They told me during final meeting 2 weeks before the wedding that there will be many cool little details during the wedding day including basketball for guest singing, mini-Tobasco sauce bottle for table number among others. I myself am a big basketball fan, so I thought it was such a cool idea to add some taste from groom side! We did their first look at the bridge in Naperville downtown park along with photo session. The sky helped us again with just right amount of cloud with no rain at all.
During ceremony, Josh seemed to hold himself quite well until he and Christina gave flowers and big hugs to each set of parents. I could hear many people sniffing and see many people wiping their tears. During the reception, they played the music video (created by MC, acting by the couple) which was absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Dance floor was full of awesome dancers including some b-boy action. I can’t wait to hang out with these friends again for next occasion.
It was awesome working with one of our all time favorite photographers, Albert and Mike from SecondPrint Productions. DJ was from Spinning Disc who played great songs for crowd to keep dancing on the floor.
Big congratulations and hugs to Christina and Josh (and their awesome friends!)