Christina + Josh | 6.10.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

There is nothing better than seeing familiar faces during the wedding day. There are 3 other couples that we were happy to be part of their wedding day of 4th couple, Christine and Josh. They found us by Esther (matron and honor) and David’s wedding two years back when Christina was Esther’s maid of honor. They told me during final meeting 2 weeks before the wedding that there will be many cool little details during the wedding day including basketball for guest singing, mini-Tobasco sauce bottle for table number among others. I myself am a big basketball fan, so I thought it was such a cool idea to add some taste from groom side! We did their first look at the bridge in Naperville downtown park along with photo session. The sky helped us again with just right amount of cloud with no rain at all.
During ceremony, Josh seemed to hold himself quite well until he and Christina gave flowers and big hugs to each set of parents. I could hear many people sniffing and see many people wiping their tears. During the reception, they played the music video (created by MC, acting by the couple) which was absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Dance floor was full of awesome dancers including some b-boy action. I can’t wait to hang out with these friends again for next occasion.
It was awesome working with one of our all time favorite photographers, Albert and Mike from SecondPrint Productions. DJ was from Spinning Disc who played great songs for crowd to keep dancing on the floor.
Big congratulations and hugs to Christina and Josh (and their awesome friends!)

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