Shelly + Neel | 8.25-27.2011 | Next/Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Food, music, dance, great people, awesome couple... 3 days in a row. What more can I ask? On top of that, I was able to share what I captured through my eyes with family and friends during the reception on day 3. So here is what my day was like starting Thursday till Saturday midnight. On Thursday, leaving my studio at 5PM, traveled to Chesterton, IN (2 hours with 1 hour of traffic caused by I-90 construction) at Shelly's parent's house for Mehandi night. It was so great to see many familiar faces from Sakshi and Manoj's wedding back in April! It was amazing experience watching mendhi being put on Shelly's arm and leg along with other ladies' hand. Singing and dancing continued throughout the night, and tons of food to eat! We also witnessed one of the cutest 5 year old boy who can dance better than most of us! Gotta see that on the full film! So I left their house around 10:30PM, went to studio, backed up all the files, then went home around 1AM. Woke up next morning, looking through footage from Thursday evening, and edit to start the next/same day edit. Then I left my house around 5PM to go to Downers Grove for Sangeet evening. Again, there were numbers of amazing performance (and some surprises by Neel's mad dance move!) and tons of food. I came back home around 11:30PM, backed up files, took a quick shower, then edited Sangeet portion till 3:30AM.
I woke up at 6AM to be at Westin in Lombard by 8AM to capture Shelly and Neel getting ready for their big day! Weather was just gorgeous which was perfect for baraat outside where Neel was riding on a horse carriage while his family and friends danced their way to entrance of the hotel for the ceremony. The decor and details at the ceremony was simply breathtaking. The beauty of decor continued on to reception! This one, I will make sure to add on the trailer (which will be released right before the DVD release). Those center pieces were the tallest that I've ever seen!
Always great working with Leo from Fragola Productions, and Raja was the DJ who did great job throughout the evening! And thanks to all the planners at the Westin.
So here it is. Hope you all enjoy it, and the biggest thanks to Shelly and Neel! Congratulations, you two!

Liane + Ron | 8.20.2011 | Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Early morning rain always makes nervous on the wedding day. Then again, I had a feeling that it would go away, just like it has been on last several wedding days. While Liane and Ron was getting ready for her wedding day at Hilton, Evanston, it didn't seem that rain was bothering them at all. It was very emotional ceremony from the beginning. We stopped by the park for the photo, and I had so much fun hanging out with bridal party! Andrew from John Andrews Photography was super easy to work with, and highly recommend! Reception was full of emotions and laughter, but I think our slideshow and Same Day Edit added a little bit more to that :-)
Working with Jeff from Tone Productions helped us so much with audio feed for SDE and coordinating the SDE timing. Also I've never seen a DJ like this before. He brought every single guests to the dance floor with ah-mazing(!) dance lesson and crowd control~!!! Best. Ever.
Reaction to our SDE from guests was just overwhelming, and made me realize why I put up with all the stress and obstacles to create a Same Day Edit for the couple and their guests.
See it for yourself.
I also have to thank my crew, Charlie and Eli for helping me throughout the day in various way to make this happen. I am very lucky to have you guys.
Awesome professionals, amazing couple, fun bridal party.. what can I ask for more?
I am a one happy event filmmaker.



Marie+Jeff | 7.22.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer

Earlier morning, dark cloud and heavy rain scared me, but it soon cleared out for Marie and Jeff;s wedding day! It was actually raining so hard, some cars were stopped on the side of the road because we couldn't see the road!!! With a slight delay on my end, I finally got to O'Hare where both Marie and Jeff was getting ready. I could tell Marie was a little bit nervous with schedule and some delays, but she picked up her camera and start taking some photos of people and her wedding jewelry (the 2nd shot from the trailer), I could tell she was getting more excited than nervous. We got to St. Bernardine in Forest Park for the ceremony. We drove around the city after the ceremony with the photographer Ian Dharma (who we worked with during Jenny and Leju's wedding last year!). I was able to capture very candid moments with Marie and Jeff, and I could see how much they are in love and happy to tie the knot!
Great day continued on back at the Holiday Inn top floor. Jeff's mother gave a very emotional speech which brought many people to tears. But soon after, she revealed some funny incidents of Jeff when he was younger :-)
Dance floor was full throughout the evening, and I have thank Maria and Jeff for such a wonderful day for us to be part of.
Congratulations, you two!!!
(photo booth with the couple!--> here!)

Erika + Kevin | 7.9.2011| Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

I am always nervous when I have not met the bride or groom before the wedding day, which is rare but still happens. However, I knew from emails and phone conversations with Erika, I knew she was an easy-going, laid-back person. Once I started shooting the preparation, I learned one more thing about her; FUN! She never stopped smiling and laughing (thanks to bridesmaids, and her mom) while she was getting ready, and those laughter continued onto reception.
I also want to mention that we got the biggest help from Chrissy from Big City Bride and her crew. Having professional wedding planners makes everything go so much smoother throughout the day!!!
Great working with Nick from Gerber and Scarpelli. DJ was Kristin from Toast+Jam, and thanks for all the help with audio feed!
Erika travels all around the world, so I hope Kevin and she will catch this awesome trailer in UK!

Jestene + Michael | 7.16.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer

I've known Michael since 2007. Michael's family was one of the first family that we got to know when my family moved from Boston a few years back. So needless to say, it meant a lot to me that I was there to celebrate his wedding with our lovely bride, Jestene. Weather was gorgeous throughout out the day, which helped me and Joshua tremendously for capturing beautiful images around downtown. And thanks to Joshua for introducing me to Jane Adams park. Absolutely beautiful location for photo shoots. Joshua and his crew from Joshua Albanese Photography was super easy and fun to work with. and I'd highly recommend him.
Also Jestene and Michael had something very unique at the reception. Instead of guests signing book, they had a board with their name and a tree painted where guests can make thumb prints with a little message next to it. I thought it was very cute and unique.
And how can we forget about the sweets table with amazing taste of snacks, which, by the way, was done by a company owned by Joshua's family!!
I couldn't be any happier being there for Michael and Jestene to celebrate their beginning of new capter.
Congratulations, guys!
(photobooth fun with the couple --> here!)