Liane + Ron | 8.20.2011 | Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Early morning rain always makes nervous on the wedding day. Then again, I had a feeling that it would go away, just like it has been on last several wedding days. While Liane and Ron was getting ready for her wedding day at Hilton, Evanston, it didn't seem that rain was bothering them at all. It was very emotional ceremony from the beginning. We stopped by the park for the photo, and I had so much fun hanging out with bridal party! Andrew from John Andrews Photography was super easy to work with, and highly recommend! Reception was full of emotions and laughter, but I think our slideshow and Same Day Edit added a little bit more to that :-)
Working with Jeff from Tone Productions helped us so much with audio feed for SDE and coordinating the SDE timing. Also I've never seen a DJ like this before. He brought every single guests to the dance floor with ah-mazing(!) dance lesson and crowd control~!!! Best. Ever.
Reaction to our SDE from guests was just overwhelming, and made me realize why I put up with all the stress and obstacles to create a Same Day Edit for the couple and their guests.
See it for yourself.
I also have to thank my crew, Charlie and Eli for helping me throughout the day in various way to make this happen. I am very lucky to have you guys.
Awesome professionals, amazing couple, fun bridal party.. what can I ask for more?
I am a one happy event filmmaker.



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