Dora + Paul | 8.6.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

The wait is over!  Dora and Paul's wedding film trailer from August is finally out, and I do apologize sincerely for the delay.  This truly was one of kind wedding that me and my crew have done so far.  Everyone at the wedding, starting earlier than 8AM till 2AM, knew how to enjoy themselves.
I started around 8:00AM at Dora's house where the table of food and drink (not a "tray" but a big table) was waiting for me and Paul from Freestyle Photo and other guests in the house.
We had several horse carriages and I was riding one with the couple on the way from the church to 1st banquet location, and it was very cool!  The whole wedding was truly awesome experience, and I've never seen that  many drinks and food in one day in my life.
There are so much fun and interesting things throughout the day, and it was very hard to put the trailer together without including too many shots!  I am sure the full film and highlights are gonna be EPIC!
Until then, please enjoy this beautiful and unique wedding that we captured for simply wonderful couple, Dora and Paul!

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