Erin + Joseph | 10.9.2011 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

One thing that I always feel end of the wedding day is how fortunate we are to be part of beautiful wedding day. Just the fact that we are there, to capture the beginning of a new family means so much to us. We felt even stronger on Erin and Joseph's wedding day. Fall weather was just so amazing to have outdoor ceremony. They set the backdrop of the ceremony with purple and pink sky. Priceless, I'd say. Dance floor was full all evening, people enjoying themselves with some crazy dance moves and laughter. I can do it all over again any given day.
It was great working next to Michele and Andy from Misha Media Photography, and make sure to check out their work here.
Congratulations to Erin and Joseph's one month anniversary (and Erin's birthday tomorrow)!

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