RD & Sonia | Multiple Day Cultural Wedding Celebration | Same/Next Day Edit

"40 hours of shooting done, 5 days of celebration captured, 4 cinematographers throughout, 1 amazing couple married... comes down to 8 minute film to be presented during reception day..."

That's just statistics.. The whole experience itself could not be described in words.
Sonia and Rd has such a wonderful families and friends, and I was fortunate to meet with many of them.
This wedding was our wedding #1 of 2012 season. It meant a lot to us to have such a great start.
We also get to work with awesome photographers. Steve, Mark, and rest of crew from e2 Photography (http://www.e2photo.net/). Everyone was so helpful, kind, generous, supportive, and the lists of adjective goes on and on... Really hope we can collaborate with them again in the future.
Beautiful details were done by Ravi from Ravi's Wedding Decorations, and DJ was Shiv from Dhamaka DJ who helped out a lot.
Enjoy this emotional, and beautiful film that we produced, and shared with guests during the reception.
Huge props to Charlie, Jimmy, and Mrs.Orange for putting so much effort to make this happen.