Neema + Rovin | Multiple Day Cultural Wedding Celebration | Same/Next Day Edit Film

As I posted on my Facebook status, multiple day wedding is very challenging. Mix it with Same Day Edit (which is already challenging as well), it becomes tremendous pressure, and effort to share with 650 guests at the hall what the couple experienced last 3 days (including the wedding day itself).
Starting with 7.18,Mehndi day, we were experiencing great traditional celebration until the last second of reception on 7.21.
It was truly awesome experience sharing what we captured all the families and friends.
We got to collaborate with Fragola Productions again which is always fun and pleasure.
AV crew, Trifon, from Meadows Club was extremely helpful giving us audio feed along with huge help on SDE presentation.
Big props to our crew, Charlie, and Mrs.Orange for making this happen again. Two weekends in a row.
Biggest props from me, personally, goes out to Neema and Rovin. They have been so supportive, and kind to us. Those kind of support and love really gives us energy to keep on pushing ourselves against long hours of work.
So thank you once again, Neema and Rovin. Congratulations, and enjoy the SDE!

Eunice + Sam | 6.2.2012 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

On June 2nd, I got to meet the couple that's been Skyping with me all along.
Eunice and Sam is friends with some of our past couples, and right off the bet, this would be a fun wedding to be part of.
Sure enough, we worked with great professionals, like Wayne and Angela from Wayne and Angela Photography, and Karolina from Weddings by Karolina.

Eunice and Sam brought us to the Arlington Heights Race Track which I've never been before. The weather was gorgeous, and got lots of fun shots with them, and their bridal party!

Thanks again very much for having us, Eunice + Sam! Come visit us when you are in town!

Zaneta + Mark | 7.13.2012 | Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Our Friday the 13th was scary amazing. Mark and Zaneta tied the knot, and celebrated their marriage at W hotel in Lake Shore. And the best part was that we got to share the Same Day Edit with everyone during the reception. Their 8 month old son Jonathan almost stole the show with his ridiculously cuteness, and my camera was running non-stop capturing his laugh and smile.
Same Day Edit is always a huge challenge for us, but with combination of our talented crew (Mrs.Orange, Charlie and Jimmy), fun bridal party, and awesome couple, we were able to share this emotional + fun + energetic + exciting film with all the families and friends.
It was great working with Shane from Shane Welch Photography. Make sure to check his Facebook Page for some great photos from the wedding here.
Charity Ramos (worked together for Tom & Ania's Wedding) helped us throughout the day for smooth operation. Big thanks to her, too!
Here are other professionals that made the day so much more memorable.

Jennifer Silvestri and team ~ The W Hotel - Lakeshore

Oak Mill Bakery ~ North Ave.

Larry & Eddie ~ L Productions (DJ)

Mike Gajewski ~ Essence Photography (Trolley, photo booth and up lighting)

Floral and Reception D├ęcor ~ A La Moda Events

Congratulations, you two and Jonathan. You have such a beautiful family, and we are blessed to be able to capture the moments.
Also, on the side note, Mark and Zaneta has been one of my inspiration for my returning swimming routine for get back in shape, so another big kudos to them!


To view their slideshow and cute proposal video shot by their friend, please click here

Gretchen + Matt | 6.30.2012| Same Day Edit by Orange Wedding Films

Great Chemical Mix for Wedding for Same Day Edit (in my book): really nice venue director (and the crew), DJ who wouldn't do a thing without photographer/cinematographer, fun bridal party, great families and friends, additional sound system on our own for SDE, solid film/editing crew, and of course, the amazing couple. Not gonna lie, yesterday, we had'em all.
Everything took place at my backyard, Arlington Heights Metropolis Ballroom.
While Gretchen was getting ready at brial suite, laughters never stopped along with some tears here and there. Thanks to Matt for the beautiful card AND the letter!
Those moments made Mrs.Orange teared up a couple of times while she was working on SDE, too! (yeh, yeh, me, too, LOL!)
I knew Matt was a fun, warm, and kind person from the moment that I met him at our studio. They both have been extremely supportive to us from the day 1, and I am so thankful to have couples like them.
There were some obstacles for SDE process, but everyone dealt with it, and overcame to present one kick ass SDE to the couple, and their families and friends.
MAd props to Mike (conducted the ceremony) who gave us one strong rule during the ceremony for photographers/cinematographers: THERE IS NO RULE! How awesome was that.
It was truly great working with Michael and his crew from Metropolis Ballroom. I really wish all the venue directors out there would work like him. Very kind, so much attention to every details (rose petal around the bride's shoes with G, yep, done by him), and know how to have fun as well. I think I convinced him to offer some workshop "how to be an awesome venue director 101", LOL!
It was great working with Curt, and his assistant again. Everyone at the dance floor was having so much.
We also had audio aid from Jeff from "Just Press and Play". Sound for SDE was incredible because of his help. s
Monika and Rob was the photographers (from Better Looking Studio), and it was really great working with them.
And lastly, our crew, Charlie Garcia, and Mrs.Orange, who helped every inch of making this SDE so memorable, and FUN at the same time. Couldn't have done without you guys.
Matt and Gretchen, congratulations, and thank you, thank you, thank you from bottom of my heart. Enjoy your honeymoon, and married life!!!