Neema + Rovin | Multiple Day Cultural Wedding Celebration | Same/Next Day Edit Film

As I posted on my Facebook status, multiple day wedding is very challenging. Mix it with Same Day Edit (which is already challenging as well), it becomes tremendous pressure, and effort to share with 650 guests at the hall what the couple experienced last 3 days (including the wedding day itself).
Starting with 7.18,Mehndi day, we were experiencing great traditional celebration until the last second of reception on 7.21.
It was truly awesome experience sharing what we captured all the families and friends.
We got to collaborate with Fragola Productions again which is always fun and pleasure.
AV crew, Trifon, from Meadows Club was extremely helpful giving us audio feed along with huge help on SDE presentation.
Big props to our crew, Charlie, and Mrs.Orange for making this happen again. Two weekends in a row.
Biggest props from me, personally, goes out to Neema and Rovin. They have been so supportive, and kind to us. Those kind of support and love really gives us energy to keep on pushing ourselves against long hours of work.
So thank you once again, Neema and Rovin. Congratulations, and enjoy the SDE!

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