Priya + Jaimin | Multiple Day Cultural Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

We captured a beautiful Indian wedding in the beginning of September.
Jaimin had some of his celebration in California, then flew to Chicago having rest of wedding ceremony and reception with Priya.
Priya looked absolutely beautiful in every dress she is in.
Jaimin's friends put together the funniest presentation "Jaimin is not impressed" during the reception, which I am sure impressed everyone during the wedding.
From emotional moments to gorgeous detail at each event, we are truly blessed to be part of all of them.
Congratulations, Jaimin and Priya!
Enjoy the trailer.

PS. As always, it was a lot of fun working with Leo from Fragola Productions.

Karen + Chris | 8.18.2012 | Unplugged Wedding | Coming Soon by Orange

Shooting at the New Leaf had been one of my wedding venue checklists. I finally put check mark on it, and couldn't be happier. Add beautiful bride and handsome groom. Add fun bridal party. One more thing... Wait for it... UNPLUGGED WEDDING!!!
Yes, another item from wish list has been checked off. We need to see more of these.
When I met them for the first time to go over the details before the wedding, I felt like I'd known them for more than ten years. They are such a kind, generous, and caring couple, and we could not have asked anything more as filmmakers.
On top of all those gifts we had, add fun, energetic, talented photographer. Jess and our crew had so much fun working together. Check out her awesome work at her website here.
I am very proud of every single trailers that we produce for our couples, and one thing I always try is to make audience feel the day, a very unique and special day of two people, two families coming together, through our lens. This one is definitely unique, and I had so much fun putting it together.
Hope you all enjoy it, and once again, congratulations to Karen and Chris.