Mary + David | 10.26.2013 | Surprise Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Orange team had one of the most unique experiences up to date! Mary and David invited their family and friends to a {very late} surprise engagement celebration. All the guests probably thought they would be surprising M+D. Well, they probably didn't know till the slideshow video was shown to them that they were the oned who were getting the surprise!! Because in fact, it was Mary and David's wedding day!!! Just like their invitation (and program), they are all about "Swim,bike, run and LOVE"! David even wrapped gifts to Mary in Tony Burch wrapper and gift bags, yet inside, they were bike related gear! David got something similar from Mary as well! This wedding was full of surprises!! Can't wait to share in feature film everything that happened! Their reception was filled with decors that were memories with their family and friends. They even had their own brewed beer! Rightfully so, the beautiful (and fun filled) reception was happening at the Revolution Brewery. It was truly fun working with Angela Renee Photography team along with Andrew from Style Matters.

Also I would like to say "Happy Holidays" to all our friends of Orange Wedding Films. It's been one memorable year to all our team members. Thanks again so much for all your support and love. Here is to another great year, everyone! Cheers!!!

 Love, JJ


Iva + Julius | 9.7.2013 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

When we met Iva and Julius in our studio a few months before their wedding day, we knew it was going to be filled with nothing but laughters and smiles. The day went by so quick, but Orange crew was very happy to capture all the moments for the couple to relive the moments later on. Throughout the day, it was fantastic working again with Miller and Miller Photography. One of the highlights (and the surprise to Julius) was the engraving inside of Julius' ring that Iva put on. You gotta watch the trailer to find out what it says!!! Their wedding reception reminded me once again why one of my favorite parts of capturing wedding day is DANCE! Dance floor was packed even at the last minute we were stepping out of the building! Spend 1.5 minute watching this from such a beautiful wedding, my friends! Enjoy!!

Shreya + Monil | Multiple Day Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Shreya and Monil had great teams of wedding professionals to make their big day more special. It's always much fun working with Yaneck and Sasha from Wasio Photography. Check out their beautiful images here. Multiple day weddings may feel tiring shooting so many days in a row, but it is more challenging to go through all the footage to make 1.5 minute trailer. When one is finished, the result is timeless. Can't wait to share more from this beautiful wedding of Shreya and Monil! Enjoy the trailer!

Amber & Patrick | 8.24.2013 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Patrick and Amber tied the knot in Chicago then left to Boston in less than 24 hours! Now that they are in Boston (my 2nd favorite city in the US), having their wedding in Chicago meant a lot to them. We did our very best to capture the city for them. They had a super team making sure their big day which made our job so much smoother! Starting with Anthony from Liven It Up Event once again (back to back from last wedding!!) along with Toast and Jam plus super talented + fun photographer, Bethany Fitz from Maypole Studios. Enjoy the trailer, my friends. And congratulations to Amber and Patrick!

Laura + Michael | 8.10.2013 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

It's been long over due to share the wedding film trailer from such a gorgeous wedding back in August. And I sincerely apologize for the major delay on trailers... I know you all want to watch new trailers, but Orange staff have had the busiest month of September and October ever since we started back in 2008. But now, we are ready to share some awesome weddings that we captured last 3 months. To start off, we are very excited to share Laura and Michael's first. One of the groomsmen was Eric whom we captured back in 2011 (Tiffany+Eric which was the sign that this wedding was gonna be a lot of FUN! It's so difficult to fit all the fun in 1:45 seconds, but we did our best to show a glimpse of the awesome day! Huge thanks to Anthony from Liven It Up Event and awesome DJ Al Okyne from Okyne Medialab. It was truly super team! Congratulations to Laura and Michael! Enjoy!

Skirt PR 10 Year Anniversary Video

Take a break from what you do, and check out this video Orange VP worked with Skirt PR.
You can read more about behind the scenes here

Jennifer + Mike | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Jennifer and Mike tied the knot back in August at Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago.
Its architecture was one of the most unique locations we've ever shot.
They both got ready at Westin hotel in River North, and had ceremony and reception at Ravenswood.
Jennifer's father started a great welcome speech to the guest which ended with Mike's very emotional message to everyone.
It was great working with Tony and Michelle from Life On Prints Photography. Check out their amazing work here.
Ashley and her crew from Sine Qua Non Events helped everything going so smooth from the start to end.
We've been working with awesome DJs from Toast and Jam this season!  It's always fun working with them!
Can't wait to share more from this wedding with Jennifer and Mike, and of course, their family and friends!
Enjoy the trailer!

Ramneek + Cohin | Multiple Day Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Our team was very fortunate to be part of this amazing celebration of Ramneek and Cohin last month during July 4th weekend! Firework sure added some excitement and fun to the whole event.
 Things I love love about South Asian Wedding are colors, emotion and energy. I remember Cohin telling us that it would be the best Bharat we captured and HE WAS RIGHT! Tons of sparkles along with fireworks for us to capture! Ramneek was one of the most beautiful brides that we've ever captured, and we could tell how much planning that went into this celebration. Everyone was very nice and kind which made our job so much easier and smoother with schedules.
It was nothing but awesomeness working with AJ and his amazing wife Tazim. Check out their website here.
And special thanks to Vikas, the DJ to keep the dance floor flooded with people dancing!!
Beautiful Mehndi art was done by Unnati from Unntia'z Art!
 I also want to thank my crew Charlie Garcia and Mrs. Orange for doing such a great job capturing the celebration through long hours of working.
Enjoy the trailer, and congratulations to Ramneek and Cohin!

Lara + Brendan | 6.8.2013 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Basic wedding video vs. cinematic wedding film has day and night difference, and when our couples do see that along with its priceless value, we are happier than we can describe in words. Lara and Brendan certainly discovered the difference when they stopped by our studio a week before their wedding day.  We were so happy we were there to capture all the fun moments for them!

It was great working with Sheri Whitko to capture Lara and Brendan's wedding back in Jun this year.
David Rothstein Orchestra really rocked the reception hall at Woman's Athletic Club that evening.
Enjoy the trailer!

Brooke + Dave | 5.26.2013 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

End of May, we started busy wedding season with capturing Brooke and Dave's wedding at Armour House in Lake Forest!
It was always so great working with Tasha and Aaron from Redwall Photography (check them out here!)
Weather was just perfect for outdoor wedding!
Their daughter Sophia was so adorable and well behaved till the end!
I was very close to bust out my GangNam Style move during the reception but I had to keep on rolling the camera to capture Dave and his friends' crazy dance moves!
Congratulations to Brooke and Dave plus Sophia!
Enjoy the wedding film trailer! Can't wait to put together highlight film later this year!

April + Sakou | Wedding Film Trailer | ABC 7 - Windy City Live "Dream Wedding" winners

We had such an awesome opportunity to work with ABC7's Windy City Live team along with so many great vendors who helped and sponsored April and Sakou's wedding.
The shooting started early in the morning with preparation at Mario Tricoci in downtown. Then we moved onto ABC studio for the ceremony that was on LIVE TV!!! Talking about lifetime experience! We had such a great reception at Pennsula hotel afterwards.
April and Sakou really is a great couple to work with. They are very kind and appreciative people around them. It was truly great experience for me and Charlie, and we hope nothing but the best for them. Congratulations!!
Here is the their wedding film trailer! Enjoy!

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Moet Champagne-

Official Videographer for ABC 7 - Windy City Live "Dream Wedding Giveaway"

We are very happy to share this wonderful news with all of you!
Windy City Live morning show on ABC 7 Channel has approached to us earlier last month asking us to be their official videographer for Dream Wedding Giveaway.
After putting lots of thoughts, we have decided to take the gig!
Tomorrow morning (May 15th, Wednesday) at 9AM show, JJ will be on the show for the interview with the host and the lucky couple along with the official photographer, Todd Rosenberg talking about wedding videography for the event.
The highlight film will be aired on next Friday morning show.
Make sure to tune in ABC 7 tomorrow morning, and next Tuesday morning for live feed of wedding ceremony, and Friday for highlight film!
Here is announcement from Windy City Live for this event.
When the clips from interview is available, we will update this blog post!

*I updated the segment video below!!

Amy + Brandon | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

We had so much fun at Amy and Brandon's wedding back in February.
One of our brides from 2011 introduced Amy to us, and we were very honored to be part of her big day!
It was great working with awesome crew from Joshua Albanese Photography.
Toast and Jam did such a great job keeping the dance floor packed (and got me on the dance floor for GangNam Style!)
Palmer House is one of our favorite locations to capture beautiful weddings.
Hope you all enjoy the trailer, and congratulations to Amy and Brandon!

Stacey + Joseph | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

A few months ago, we were very fortunate to capture our very first wedding of the year 2013 for Stacey and Joe.
With a beautiful sunrise, we started our morning with Polish traditional blessing at Stacey's house, and onto the Holy Trinity in Chicago to have their wedding ceremony. The party continued on at Venutis.
We really appreciate Stacey and Joe for the opportunity to be part of such a memorable wedding!
Wishing them the best!

Canon EOS 6D hands-on review video along some comparison between 5Dmk2, 7D and 60D

music licensed via Vimeo Music Store.
Canon EOS 6D vs 5D mk2 vs 7D vs 60D
00:00 - 06:22 Intro
06:23 - 7:06 30 minute recording time
7:06 - 10:40 Menu items
10:41 - 17:23 Working with an external HDMI monitor
17:24 - 20:04 Moire Test 1 + 2
20:04 - 20:28 - sample clips
20:28 - 23:29 - Low Light with ISO Comparison
23:30 - End - my personal likes and dislikes
Thanks to LensProToGo, and Zacuto.
Please note
1. video has been compressed down to 7 Mbps for VImeo, then recompressed by Vimeo. (I still set the download allowed)
2. this video has my objective view on each cameras.
3. It is long, yes, but I wanted to comment as many as I can on each subject :-) please forgive me
4. I am not paid by any manufactures or stores for this review video.
5. for comments and questions, please visit my website!contact/c24vq
6. all the comparison video was shot on Zeiss 50mm 1.4. EVF segment and sample shot (and wedding clips) were shot on Sigma 24-70 2.8. My dog footage was shot on 6D with Zeiss 35mm 2.0.
7. no color grading was done in any clips in this video. imported as DSLR footage to Premiere Pro CS5.5, exported to H.264 1080 24P, 7Mbps.
Thanks again very much for watching!

Kelly + Matthew | 10.27.2012 | Wedding Film Trailer

What a finish for amazing 2012 wedding season!
Kelly and Matt was the perfect to wrap up our season. They tied the knot, and celebrated their union on 10.27.2012 (the day before my birthday!).
There were so many cute little details all over the place throughout the day, but most of all, it was the love between them that we had great time capturing.
It was great working with Yaneck and Sasha from Wasio Photography, and it was very first time learning about "sexy voice activated light stand" which worked flawlessly till end of the night :-)
Congratulations, Kelly and Matt! Can't wait to share more with you guys!
Enjoy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!