Ramneek + Cohin | Multiple Day Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Our team was very fortunate to be part of this amazing celebration of Ramneek and Cohin last month during July 4th weekend! Firework sure added some excitement and fun to the whole event.
 Things I love love about South Asian Wedding are colors, emotion and energy. I remember Cohin telling us that it would be the best Bharat we captured and HE WAS RIGHT! Tons of sparkles along with fireworks for us to capture! Ramneek was one of the most beautiful brides that we've ever captured, and we could tell how much planning that went into this celebration. Everyone was very nice and kind which made our job so much easier and smoother with schedules.
It was nothing but awesomeness working with AJ and his amazing wife Tazim. Check out their website here.
And special thanks to Vikas, the DJ to keep the dance floor flooded with people dancing!!
Beautiful Mehndi art was done by Unnati from Unntia'z Art!
 I also want to thank my crew Charlie Garcia and Mrs. Orange for doing such a great job capturing the celebration through long hours of working.
Enjoy the trailer, and congratulations to Ramneek and Cohin!

Lara + Brendan | 6.8.2013 | Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Basic wedding video vs. cinematic wedding film has day and night difference, and when our couples do see that along with its priceless value, we are happier than we can describe in words. Lara and Brendan certainly discovered the difference when they stopped by our studio a week before their wedding day.  We were so happy we were there to capture all the fun moments for them!

It was great working with Sheri Whitko to capture Lara and Brendan's wedding back in Jun this year.
David Rothstein Orchestra really rocked the reception hall at Woman's Athletic Club that evening.
Enjoy the trailer!