Mary + David | 10.26.2013 | Surprise Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Orange team had one of the most unique experiences up to date! Mary and David invited their family and friends to a {very late} surprise engagement celebration. All the guests probably thought they would be surprising M+D. Well, they probably didn't know till the slideshow video was shown to them that they were the oned who were getting the surprise!! Because in fact, it was Mary and David's wedding day!!! Just like their invitation (and program), they are all about "Swim,bike, run and LOVE"! David even wrapped gifts to Mary in Tony Burch wrapper and gift bags, yet inside, they were bike related gear! David got something similar from Mary as well! This wedding was full of surprises!! Can't wait to share in feature film everything that happened! Their reception was filled with decors that were memories with their family and friends. They even had their own brewed beer! Rightfully so, the beautiful (and fun filled) reception was happening at the Revolution Brewery. It was truly fun working with Angela Renee Photography team along with Andrew from Style Matters.

Also I would like to say "Happy Holidays" to all our friends of Orange Wedding Films. It's been one memorable year to all our team members. Thanks again so much for all your support and love. Here is to another great year, everyone! Cheers!!!

 Love, JJ


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