Lindsey + Devin | 10.12.13 Wedding Film Trailer by Orange Wedding Films

Last October, Team Orange was part of Lindsey and Devin's wedding at McDonald Campus.
It was very fun working with Maggie and Frank from Gerber & Scarpelli Photography as always!
McDonald Campus has some nice backdrop with help of beautiful weather!  Sunset was just so pretty and right where we needed it to be.
Enjoy the trailer, and congratulations to Lindsey and Devin!


Wedding Videographer Sydney said...

Just pure emotions and love. I adore what you do and you are a big inspiration to what I do…Thank you

Bob Strong said...

I love the videos that you put together for these weddings. The camera angles really brought out the joyfulness of the occasion. Video production has always been a passion of mine. I'm not sure if it roots back more to my interest in acting or my addiction to watching Netflix.

Rosemary Shanahan said...

Very nice and great video! I love to see this wedding film trailer. This film trailer has true love and make us too emotional. I get more information and experience after watching this wedding vedion