Mick & Elisabeth | Chicago Northerly Island Wedding Film Trailer

Many couples opt out on wedding cinematography for many reasons and of course, many research show, #1 regret that wedding couples have "after" the wedding is "not having their wedding film/video".
Mick and Liz was not going to let that happen, so they visited out studio a few weeks before the wedding and decided to have us capture their very unique wedding.
Personally I was excited to shoot a wedding at Northerly Island as it was very new to open.  But even the cool location won't be fun without fun people.  Liz and Mick is just those people who were able to make guests had endless fun throughout the day! I wish the night never ended because everywhere I looked with my camera, people were having so much FUN dancing!
I am so happy and thrilled that we can share just a glimpse of this awesome day we had with Liz and Mick's friends and families before the full film is done.
Congratulations, you two. Can't wait to share more what we captured!!

Planner : http://anticipationevents.com/
Photography: http://andrialindquist.com/
Band: http://www.tvkmusic.com/

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